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Organizing as a Professional Organizer

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10 Things I Have Learned About Organizing As A Professional Organizer

1. No client or space is the same. My clients come to me for different reasons, and each of their cases is different. No house is the same, so no space is the same.

2. Clutter attracts clutter. Many of my clients have a space that seems to accumulate stuff and clutter. The reason is that that specific space does not have a particular use, so it just attracts confusion that does not have a home.

3. Lack of time management causes clutter. It is tough to control the amount of clutter when one cannot manage time. Without scheduling time to do tasks, things get out of control, and clutter piles up.

4. The inability to make a decision causes clutter. I have clients who have a tough time making decisions when it comes to what to do with specific items. This causes nothing to be done with the issue, and clutter again accumulates. The same can be said for paper and emails.

5. Shopaholics are usually trying to replace something in their lives. They are missing, and clutter is the result. I have many clients with unopened boxes from Amazon, QVC, and various other stores. Once the items are purchased, the “high” from purchasing is gone, and when it arrives, there is no interest in it.

6. Space gets messier before it gets better during the organizing process. For many clients, the process of organizing is very stressful, and they become very anxious when their items are spread out, and many of them visible for the first time. It gets worse before it gets better is a very true statement in organizing.|

7. Frequent purging is the key to maintaining the space and conquering the clutter. The best way to keep all the clutter from coming back is to purge often. Some clients do well with one new item in, one out. This is especially true when it comes to clothes.

8. Having countless containers does not make you organized. A system is needed, and most often, a behavioral change is required to be organized. It takes time and effort to accomplish the organized space.

9. The paper needs to be tackled consistently, or it will get out of hand quite quickly. The trash can, recycle bin, and a shredder should be your friend when it comes to bringing the paper in your home. When you have your mail, try to eliminate what can be tossed or shredded before you bring it in your home.

10. To-do lists will never be accomplished unless they are scheduled. To get that infamous to-do list completely, you will need to put it on your calendar, just like a doctor’s appointment.

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