BEING ACUTELY AWARE of the obesity problem and health risks of aging and obesity, I’ve been looking into various diet and exercise routines. I’ve recently discovered the F4x, aka, “Old School New Body” regiment.

Obesity is increasing for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being lifestyle. Our lifestyle is one of sedentary living. The average American sits at a desk in front of a computer throughout the day. That person comes home exhausted from a long commute and sits in a lounge chair and snacks on pre-packaged calorie-rich foods that are absent of nutrients and vitamins. It’s no wonder obesity is a burgeoning condition.

One of the purported answers to these adverse quality-of-life impacting problems is developed during the middle 20th Century. It was recently discovered by fitness expert and fitness magazine editor Steve Holman. Combined with his expertise, he developed the F4x system for those discerning individuals between the ages of 35 and 60.

The program is presented in an eBook, but the basics constitute four fundamental exercises. Those include squats, bench presses, bent-over rows, and dumbbell upright rows. The activities are recommended at varying intervals, repetitions, and sets. The combined exercises take less than 90 minutes per week. Additionally, the program advises proper nutritional intake. The program is segmented into three sections:

1) LEAN: Many users of this protocol use the first phase and stay with it. In this phase, you can lose ten to a hundred pounds. You perform a lighter variation of the standard exercise routine and follow the F4x LEAN Meal Plan.
2) SHAPE: Here, you will increase your weight lifting routine and adjust your diet to add more protein. That way, you can keep the weight you want and add healthy and lean muscle to give you a sculpted appearance.
3) BUILD: Once you’ve lost weight and toned your body, you can progress to the build phase. Most participants don’t move to this phase. However, some users like to bulk up. There doesn’t seem to be much change during this phase, but there is additional weight, reps, sets, and calorie intake.

1. This 14 chapter book is well-organized.
2. The diet system is just like the Paleo Diet, simple, fast, and valuable.
3. There’s no need to enroll in a gym program. You can work out at home.

1. It’s an eBook, which, although convenient, is not my favorite format.
2. There are some spelling and grammatical errors.

This “Old School New Body” protocol is the most useful all-purpose plan available. I’m incredibly impressed with the quickness in which you can safely and naturally lose weight and tone your body.