I never realized most of my life, I have been writing “Notes to Self”. “Notes to Self” is a way of keeping in touch with yourself.  By doing so, you should always target the subconscious mind, especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I have been writing poetry since around the age of 14, maybe younger.  As I sit in a corner of the house, going through papers, I realized I have been empowering myself since young.  The more I read the words imprinted on the paper, I also realized I was also writing to help others.

  My method of writing is from the outside looking in.  I write from all types of views and all sizes of shoes.  I wanted the world to see, I am just like you and that regardless of what you were going through in your life, you were not alone.

By reading my work, I wanted them to know someone understands your pain, your joy, your ups and downs, your trials, and your triumphs.  That person was me.  Along with endless pages of poetry, I realized that throughout the years, I also penned a draft for a poetry book, a motivational quotes book, two children’s books, and countless articles submitted to my second home here at Hustle Mama Magazine.  Looking back as I read those papers, I realized there were times I was unsure of myself: I felt pain, I experienced loss, I overcame obstacles and I Let Go and Let God handle my hardest burdens.


Those pages were my life in words and I guess that is why for so long, I kept it to myself.  Most recently, I watched a few episodes of “Being Mary Jane” and I saw to some degree, she was just like me.  A woman of power and strength, a family person, yet still a woman unsure of herself.  She too empowered herself with “Notes to Self”, but unlike penning them on paper and in books, she surrounded herself with countless numbers of post-its.  All the same methods, you just have to find what works for you.

So with that being said, you too should start your own “Notes to Self” and they should start with:

1) Always be you, because you are your own kind of beautiful;

2) Self-Esteem is within you, so don’t worry about what others think about you, what you think about yourself is all that matters;

3) Stand for what you believe in, if not you will fall for anything and everything;

4) Giving your thoughts a second thought is sometimes better than just giving it a thought;

5) If people have to question you, then they may not really know you.

Cecile Anthony | Senior Staff Editor