No One to Blame


By: Ant Black a/k/a Van Gucci

Why do people insist on finding someone to blame when relationships end? That is the dumbest thing I heard! I’m not scolding you…I’m holding up the mirror as I speak (type).

I’m the 1st to blame my ex- wife for its eventual end. Who is right? Who is wrong? I now say “NO ONE!” There is NO ONE to blame when a relationship does not work. I hear you…I hear you…he cheated, so it is his fault. She will not give head, so it is her fault. Wrong & wrong!!

Humans are extremely complex beings. For 2 people to walk through life, hand in hand, for 30, 40, 50 years, it takes more than just love and commitment… it takes 2 people meeting at the right time in their lives.

No offense, but you may praise your grandfather as a “family man,” because he stayed with your grandmother for 60 years…but that does not mean he would have stayed with Mabel down the street if he had met and married her 1st. Honestly, it is still about the right 2 people meeting at the right time.

If it is the wrong 2 or the wrong time…you can try and try and try with all your heart, eventually it will end. Does that mean don’t try? Not at all! It means if it does not work out, understand that 999 out of 1,000 relationships WILL NOT work, because it is not the right 2 people at the right time.

Subdue the anger…Stop the blame game…Get over it…and NOW get yourself back in position for another shot at love, when it comes around. It’s called LIFE and we all have to live it.