So I don’t typically share NLP techniques for health-related issues, as I tend to focus on the blocks preventing entrepreneurs from growing their businesses, but since all areas of our lives are intertwined, I want to share this with you. Even if it seems unrelated to business, it is.

This ear infection caused excruciating pain like crying and moaning type of pain. I know, not pretty, but it’s what was happening. During one night, it was so painful that I couldn’t fall back to sleep and was maxed out on the painkillers I was able to take. So I started listening to Gabrielle Bernstein’s “The Universe Has Your Back” book on audio (in my “good” ear of course). She was taking the reader through a visualization where we were to visualize what we wanted. I chose peace and love, so I was breathing in peacefully and visualizing what that looked like, and then breathing out love. I did this for several breaths and started to feel a little better. I suddenly remembered an NLP exercise one of my mentors took a classmate through way back when we were doing our training years ago. This classmate had been suffering from a terrible toothache, and it was preventing her from being present in class.

This is what I did. I created an image of what the earache looked like in my mind. I pictured it all around my ear. For me, it was a red ball of energy – slightly transparent. It was about a half a foot x half a foot in dimension. I pictured it moving from my ear and out in front of me. It was tough at first because it wanted to keep coming back to my ear and inside of me (associated perspective). The goal was to become dissociated – where I could see it outside of myself instead of experiencing it. It took several tries, and what I realized was that I had to stay with it and move with it if that makes sense. I couldn’t just see it in front of me. So I proceeded with it and followed it until it was out front. It was then about 5 feet in front of me. I did this exercise several times. And poof!! The pain was gone. It was outside of me and 5 feet in front of me. I could feel that the infection was still there, but the pain was numb. It was the exact feeling the drugs had done. Numb the pain.

Isn’t that amazing?! I love this stuff.

It enabled me to fall back to sleep, and this whole process only took a few minutes. I share this with you so that you can use it too. It works for heavy emotions as well. Give it a try, and I would love to know how it goes for you.

Here are a few other tips and tricks for handing your business when you are ill.

#1. Have the right team in place. Hire for your weaknesses. Hire people who are good at what you are not. Get them in place asap if you don’t have them in place already. Identify what is most helpful for you to get off your plate now, and that is what you need to hire someone to do. Even if you don’t have the time to train them, do it anyway. It will be worth it afterward.

Look at who you can hire in your personal life too. What is going to make your life easier? A housekeeper, someone to do the laundry, a nanny, etc. Warning – this is where a lot of limiting beliefs come up that aren’t true. Help is necessary -we can’t possibly do it all.

#2. Have your team create systems and procedures for everything you do. So that if you need them to jump in and take over on something else – or if you need to onboard more people – they can drop in much more quickly.

#3. Get to the root cause of the illness. Whatever we create externally, this includes our bodies, is a reflection of what is going on inside. It’s a result of our thoughts. Dis-ease means exactly that. You are not in ease. Why not? Ask it what it is trying to tell you? What is the lesson? It’s always about some type of healing (not physical). For me, it was another reminder to slow down. I had taken on too much. With additional fundraising projects for the kid’s school, speaking and a husband traveling more, something had to give and get me to slow down. Bingo you have an ear infection. With someone who believes whole-heartedly in self-care and practices it. It still crept in and happened. I am continually trying to better myself and my family, and this, in turn, has invited in a conversation as to what systems need to be in place, where we need to strengthen boundaries, and where we can increase our support level. It was the next step in my growth.

The reality is, things are going to happen. Life is going to happen. We’re still human, creating a human experience. It’s all in how we deal with it that counts. It invites growth and opportunity to live a more peaceful and loving life. Old patterns die-hard, and sometimes it takes the universe hitting us over the head with a 2×4 to finally get the lesson. We can be proactive or reactive; the choice is ours.