Naked – A Letter From the Editor



By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who loves you NAKED!  Before you say yes, let me explain my terminology of NAKED.  It’s so much deeper than you think and so heavily weighted that it won’t sink.

Too many times society teaches to love a particular shade, shape or sign, but wouldn’t you just love to be attracted to someone who goes against what society teaches you to love.

Someone who is beautiful inside and out.  Her or his definition of beautiful or handsome is so much more than a physical attraction, they stimulate your body with their smile and charm.  They know how to make love to your mind with conversation so erotic, that the physical being does not need to get undressed to be satisfied.

Someone who is much more than the money in their bank accounts or the items that they own or the cars that they drive.  Sure, they did good for themselves or at least some portray the image that society tells them to.  Come on you heard of the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses.”  Yet, this being has all those things and more, but they don’t flash it or trash it.  They do not expose you to the finer things in life, because they know that if you cannot love them at their worst, you do not deserve them at their best.  They teach you to love them for them and not for what they can offer you.  They teach you to love them NAKED!

Someone who has a crooked smile and natural hair.  Someone who has a beer belly and ugly feet.  Yes, these women and men exist, but you do not see them.  You see the woman with the wig, the weave, the beautiful shape and so forth.  You see the man who has a swag that enters the room that say “Lord thank you!”  But take away all those features or material items that make up that person – very few would say that they love that person NAKED and you want to know why – because those people never loved themselves as God created.

Loving someone NAKED means loving the person who can stand before you, with or without their clothes, and be loved for who they are.  Loving someone totally attractive not by how they look or how what they drive, but how they feel and their internal drive.  Life’s best lessons are what we learn or experience and the only way to grow is to live your truth.  Loving someone who wears their heart on their sleeves and their scars are beautifully flawed and they still feel completely free being NAKED!  Next time you want to experience true love, try loving someone NAKED!