My Queen She

By KJ COOK—A man sits atop the wooden frame carved out to house the horse born beautiful, born to run freely.

At the end of the day she chooses to be ridden, chooses to be driven knowing her purpose and function.

In her freedom she chooses to trust the hand of her rider.
Pushed to paces she’s not known.
She’s gallantly gracious.

She’s the force and she knows it.
She’s the power that propels the carriage of marriage with the rider as her partner. Underneath her hind parts are the hoofs that dig the earth for what she’s worth..her hidden treasures.

To the man that rides her well and guides her well, he will discover treasures once hidden (to him).
For she shall enjoy the scenery.

O’men stand within the confounds of marriage, enjoy its restraints and refreshments.
For it shall produce the harvest of all investments.

Of my institution called marriage a man shall seize the reigns as head of household.
He shall guide its journey according to the tenets of my law (The Most High).
She shall enjoy the scenery.
She must feel the strength of your grip upon her reigns.

She wants to feel the weight of her rider, the power and wisdom in his guidance of her. Above all, where he goes she desires to be there, take him there.

As he takes care of her she is ever ready and expecting service unto him.
He is her care provider.
Her needs are most important to him.

He understands the fullness of her value is discovered in loving her through sacrifice of himself (what he’d rather do-fornicate,neglect,be selfish,conveniently ignore, etc.) that she may exude heavenly joy on earth.


Then through the station and prescription of a manhood only discovered as husband, head of household, can a wisdom now required be born within a man.

Wisdom applied will guide the hand of the rider for he has vision and direction, (discretion and protection).
All roads lead to me thus your posture should be bent towards me; not hell bent.

All roads lead to me that thine feet should be in the direction of me…under the direction of me. Lest I find thee rebellious going against (the) grain, moving backwards.

My order is set, my wars are made know.
In the horse driven carriage lies the rider whose grip must be firm in the letter and tight in its preservation.
Your grip shall loosen upon things not of me.
For (As you approach/learn) my principles (they) shall hold you more than you can hold them.
It alone shall guide the rider to a safe destination and those he is joined with, he’s better half. Having sacrificed self that she be happy with her noblest and truest desires filled.
The self sacrificed yields a better man.
A man with good pattern.
Grooming himself to be as dependable as the rising Sun…for even unto its course is only by the grace of God.
Perhaps a man should have his own pattern of sunrises and sunsets.
(Being) Faithful to them as he is to his wife. Filling the time in between with application of all he knows, that he may discover all he does not know.

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