Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Celebrate this Mother’s Day 2018 with a gift as unique as she is.  Here you will find great Mother’s day “DIY” gift ideas for kids to create for mom, grandmother, godmother, stepmother or that extraordinary woman in their life.

She loves all gifts given to her by her child(ren), but the most memorable are the those made, not bought.  Nothing like long after the holidays have passed and still being able to see that great gift created by their little ones.  Here we bring you five great gifts that can be made from items picked up at your local Dollar Tree and your neighborhood Walmart.

1.    Love Prints.    In school, they always had you make that great artwork to take home that your mom put on the fridge, so why not revisit that idea with a great gift that can either be hung on the refrigerator or you can get a cute frame and frame it.  A love print is a simple creative piece that can be done by either
putting your hand in washable paint and then apply it to the paper or you can draw a heart and paint it with some fun stickers.

Things you will need:
Construction paper
Washable Paint
Q-tip and paint brush
Frame (if you choose to frame it)

2. Mama Mia Garden. What mother does not love flowers (unless she is allergic).  Here are some fun plant/flower ideas.  You can get a nice flower pot and decorate it with an artificial bouquet to add to it once done.  If your mom has a garden, then buy a vase and pick some flowers to combine and make a card.

Things you will need:
Q-tip and paint brush
Artificial Bouquet

3. Book Mark. Another creative idea is a bookmark.  You can look up how to say mom and mother are various languages and put it on it and you can add pictures in the form of a photo booth strip.

Things you will need:
Construction paper
Pictures printed
Felt pen or colored pencils

4. Relaxing Moment. After a long day of work and household duties,  most moms enjoy a nice hot bath.  Why not treat her to some homemade bath salts.

Things you will need:
4    cups of sea salt
2    cups of baking soda
One tablespoon of Vitamin E
40-60 drops of essential “aromatherapy” oil

5. Bedazzle It. Lastly, here is a cute idea.  Again, most items can be found at your local dollar tree and dollar store and Walmart.  If she has enough vases and great items around the house, then why not make her something to wear.

Things you will need:
Vase / T-shirt

If you use any of these creative ideas, we want to see them.  Send your pictures to me at (Subject Line: DIY MOTHER DAY GIFT) and enter for a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming issues.