What determines one’s happiness? I believe that we can best answer this by combining a few key aspects of life such as our financial success and independence, relationships and family connections, comfort, inner peace, and others. Let’s look at COMFORT a little closer. Why? Because it seems self-explanatory at first, but in reality, it has a much deeper meaning.

Many assume that the more you have in your possession, the better the quality of your life will be. That comfort is often measured by the amount of money, houses and/or apartments, cars and other luxury goods that one has in possession. I ask you this; how much do you exactly need in order to feel comfortable and happy? In my opinion, it would do you good to know exactly what else you need to purchase in order to boost your happiness. Television, newspapers, and social media are much too willing to share that information through colorful advertisements and promises of a brighter future if only you comply and attain what they are trying to sell to you. At times, they are so convincing that you drop everything in order to make an impulsive purchase. In the event that you cannot afford it, you are eager to risk it all and take on a loan in order to pay for your happiness.

Unfortunately, not every promise is meant to be kept. Many times you remain trapped with those loans while you’re no longer sure what you are paying for and whether it brings you happiness or, on the contrary, adds an extra burden to your life.

The more you gain, does not imply that you are becoming happier. I believe that one’s true comfort and happiness can only come when you manage to break free from the need of accumulating things and associating yourself with materialistic possessions.

“At least luxury items, cars, and houses I can measure!” you may say to yourself and you might protest at first. What would ‘breaking free’ do for me? Well, there are plenty of benefits to accepting the fact that “more isn’t better”.

  1. Less debt. Buying less leads to saving more. Instead of physical items, you will be spending more quality time with people you care for, or something else more meaningful. You will simply have no time to waste your money!
  2. Less stress and pressure. Imagine you can stop worrying about what you do not have! And best of all, about what others think you have or you don’t. You chose a simpler life of having the basic necessities and do not see the need to accumulate more to please others.
  3. Discover more about yourself. Once you chose to be free, you will have plenty of time to spend with yourself, instead of items that surround you. You will start focusing on personalities, and the best person to begin with, is always yourself.
  4. Avoid many of the pitfalls of chasing possessions and power. Pursuing money, power, and other countless attributes of a dependency life, is often not the most genuine and humane approach. With your choice of staying true to who you are, you find yourself in situations where you do not need to think twice, you will not ruin relationships with others or offend someone. Why? Simply put, because your aim is not to have more, it is to be better.
  5. Focusing on others. Your priorities will shift from your lifeless possessions to the amazing world of human relationships, emotions, and love. You will become more empathetic with the time, energy, and resources that you would have gained.
  6. Pursue a more meaningful career. Every person has had an unfulfilled dream. Maybe you have always wanted to be an artist but refused to pursue your dream because that job hasn’t been paying you enough to buy all that clutter you’d been once hooked onto. Imagine now that you are free from that enslavement; you can go ahead and do what you love every single day!
  7. Less quantity, more quality. You will start paying attention to what you actually obtain and often go for a much higher quality rather than quantity.

These are just a few examples of what you can gain simply by refocusing away from a maniac pursuit of materialistic pleasures to a simpler way of being a better human being. This will give you the chance to improve the actual quality of everything you do own and everything that you are!