by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

External validation is only needed when more internal validation is questionable.

The man searches more for others to love him without understanding it is through first giving love to others freely (and unconditionally) that sparks the return.

Change is never comfortable but always necessary for growth. Pain is never a feel-good thing, but still essential for resilience. Accountability is never an easy thing but always essential for HONOR. BOOM!

People get stuck b/c. They would rather suffer from complacency than struggle with the unknown.

You can never be a “WALK ON WATER” visionary partnered with an “I’m staying right here on this dry land” where it’s a safe partner. Either one is going to stay and kill their dreams, or the other be left behind, always wondering what if…

When you have learned how to be happy in the midst of unsettling circumstances, and less than ideal environments, you have captured and achieved the true meaning of JOY.

Show me a person who things NEVER work out for, and I’ll show you a person who has NEVER been a cheerful giver.

One of the things that plague man is this inherent need for drawing comparisons. You can never compare what I have and achieved your measure because we each paid our price, made our sacrifices, and identified our pursuits. When a man learns that competition is his enemy, he’ll gain the strength of success you only see in numbers!

Make sure you know the difference between being a WOMAN of GOD and a WOMAN of GOD’s MAN…. Boom!

I have been so hardened and so closed-minded. Living life with my very loving heart but eyes wide SHUT. So glad they’ve been opened!

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