Mindset Over Skill Set

By:  Mariel Ferry

Your mindset has to be strong enough to propel you through inevitable obstacles that will stand in your way of accomplishing your goals.

Skills are no doubt an important part of the equation and they are absolutely necessary to achieve anything, but without the mindset to succeed through adversity, skill alone will never get you where you want to go.  There are people with the skill set to get them to the top, but because of their mindset and evil ways, they won’t get past a certain floor.  It is not for you to use your skills and/or position to get ahead or to stab others in the back, because those same people you saw on the way up, you will see on the way down.

Have the mindset to help others achieve for good, not for ones one personal needs.  If you are willing to take the time to teach someone, show them the right way.  Do not set them up to fail, because they will show you how they are meant to succeed.   I have met some of those people and it’s not a good look.  It makes them very untrustworthy and it puts them in a very bad light.  If you have a skill that another person is trying to achieve, not to take it from you, but to claim their own, be secure within yourself to show them and be happy if they supersede your expectations and/or position.  Most people want help to help themselves not to take from you.  It is best that while you are building your skill set, you also strengthen your mindset.  Not everyone wants to see you happy, especially if you appear to be happier than them.

On your journey of life, you will suffer some tribulation and strife.  You will encounter people with great skills, but a miserable mindset.  You will come upon lots of obstacles in your path from people who smile in your face but talk about you behind your back.  Those people have not learned “don’t burn bridges.”  Sometimes the same person you tried to stab or trip up, maybe the only ones still standing to possibly help you.  Remember the golden rule “treat others as you want to be treated!”  The key here is being nice to people.   The temptation will come when you meet those miserable minded people to just smack them into the reality that “we all can win”, but instead just pray for them and continue on your way.  If people work together nicely there could be a drastic difference in the way people see others and the way we can achieve a form of unity in the workplace.  |   (Photo: Author Mariel Ferry)