Message from the Universe: Love is Around the Corner


“Ever have one of those days when you’re feeling so good, walking down the street, driving your car, shopping at the mall, when from a distance you see a stranger with a kindly face, and you simply can’t help yourself from whispering a silent “Love you”?

Oh, cool, because there have been many times, in many places, when some unknown face whispered the same to you…

Love you,
The Universe”

Have you ever wondered, when you see someone with a big smile, sharing their excitement with other people where you can’t help yourself hear their conversation and silently ask yourself: “wow, how can someone be that happy”? Well, the truth of the matter is that others feel the same when they see you smile and talk to others with your addictive personality. You will not live a happy life 365 days a year. Life will throw you jabs at a time where it can hurt and leave you angry and frustrated. The key here is to control these emotions, figure out the best course of action, and solve the issues as soon as possible. Do not let it drag as you will know that this dark cloud is lingering in your mind without any plausible solution. You want to create happiness triggers, so when faced with difficult times, you need to revert to these happiness triggers so they can make you happy all over again. What are these triggers? They are events, activities, items that make you satisfied at the first thought of them. If you have a passion for running a marathon, triggering that thought as to when will be the next time you will participate in a marathon will bring happiness to your mind. Hence, it is a trigger. Create as many triggers as you can so you can think of them when feeling down or depressed for a quick pick me up the mood.
Life is filled with challenges, and you will often come across people who live in eternal bliss and make you wonder what kind of drug paraphernalia are they on, which can explain their constant happy behavior. Just image how other people perceive you when you are so glad most of the time because of your happiness triggers. You feel down and depressed. You think about happy thoughts and go back to who you were in the beginning when expressing your all go lucky attitude. People around you might ask themselves that same question: ” What drug is he or she using?” For many, being happy is a choice. For others, it can be considered a feeling. So how do you define happiness? Is it a choice, or a sense, or BOTH?