“An old soul is always prepared to admit they might be wrong, especially when they’re not.

I think.

Older than the moon,
The Universe”

Either a new or old soul, it doesn’t really matter. The act in itself to admit being wrong is an act any real responsible person should do. Even though at times, even when you feel you are right, giving the other person that pleasure is sometimes worth it. Wanting to be right all the time will eventually get into people’s nerves, which in return, might let others avoid you like the plague. Not every battle in your life are worth winning, and allowing others to get a taste of being right is a satisfaction in itself. I am not saying to go against your belief at all and admitting guilt when it is not your fault, but for the little things in life where it won’t really affect you in any shape or form is better to let the other win. When it comes to the people close to you, this approach is sometimes more appreciated than wanting to always have it your way. You may be smarter, but that doesn’t always bring you to the desired destination.

Admitting defeat doesn’t make you a loser at all. Actually, you are winning ALL the time, no matter which approach you use. You have that power of being smarter, wiser, diplomatic about things you deal with on a day to day basis. Not many have that capability. So share that power of yours and give it away to the people you care about. You won’t be doing this for the rest of your life, but just for this time ONLY. Believe me, it feels amazing.