The menopausal period of women can be a trying time because of all the things that she has to go through.The duration can vary for each individual. It can be quite short for some while others might have to endure it for some time. The symptoms of menopause can vary as well. There are women who might have an easier time with it though the condition can be worse for others.

Menopausal Symptoms Defined
The various symptoms of menopause can appear even before the actual menopause takes place. This would be during the perimenopausal period. The signs and symptoms are varied but it can be considered as either physiological or psychological.

Vaginal Bleeding. There are many women who might experience abnormal or irregular vaginal bleeding. The frequency of their menses would be different for each one. Others might have their menses more often than before since these would not be that far apart while in some cases months would pass before the next one comes. There are those who would have lighter periods but others might have profuse bleeding every time they have their menses.

Hot Flashes and Sweating at Night. These are common symptoms that women who are at their menopausal stage experience. Hot flashes occur when they would feel quite warm for several seconds or minutes with some.The warm feelings can be felt almost all over the body but in most cases can be felt more on the head and the chest area.At times, those who are experiencing it can also appear flushed and might sweat more as well. Profuse sweating at night can also happen together with the hot flashes causing the sleeping difficulties that the women might also have. This is a contributing factor to the lethargy and fatigue that is felt by the women during day time.

Other Vaginal Symptoms. Quite a number of women would also manifest other vaginal symptoms. There might be some vaginal itching and dryness. Vaginal irritation can also occur. These factors can also cause the women some pain during sexual intercourse.

Urinary Symptoms. Changes might occur in the urethra as well thus its lining becomes dry and thin. The changes make the woman more vulnerable to urinary tract infection. It is also possible for them to have incontinence and there will also be an increase in the frequency to urinate.

Cognitive and Emotional Symptoms. These symptoms can range from memory lapses to fatigue. They tend to be more emotional and irritated. They would often have mood swings as well. These symptoms are often attributed to the hormonal changes that occur in the body. There are also cases in which those who are in their menopausal stage would also feel some panic attacks or become quite anxious.

Others Symptoms
There are also some other physical symptoms such as weight gain due to slower metabolisms. Hair might also grow in some parts of the body due to the hormonal changes. At the same time, the skin texture might exhibit some changes as well.