Meet Positive Energy Coach Chris B. Williams

Meet Positive Energy Coach Chris B. Williams

As a positive energy coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor, Chris B. Williams captivates with an optimistic outlook on life. Whether working with teenagers, college students, athletes, and organizations or anyone seeking inspiration, he engages and elevates everyone he encounters.

For Chris, positivity starts at home. Born and raised in Philadelphia, he was an All-City and All-State basketball player, before receiving a full scholarship to Manhattan College where he led the team to NCAA tournament, winning the MAAC Championships in 1993. Chris later became inducted into Manhattan College’s Hall of Fame.  Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, he became a sales representative with Jostens, working with students to recognize and celebrate their achievements.

Today, Chris draws on these enriching experiences in his personal development programs through his company Williams Unlimited Inc. Signature offerings include Hear Chris Speak keynotes, the highly interactive and most requested How to Use Positive Energy to Change Your Mindset, Be More Productive and Achieve Ultimate Success and How to Build Stronger Culture in Schools seminars, a comprehensive Journey to Manhood eight-week program, and one-on-one positive energy coaching sessions.

Charismatic, charming, energetic and always smiling, Chris is an in-demand speaker, known for tackling a wide range of topics from Living with Positivity to Leadership, Relationships, Dreaming Big, Ethics, and Professionalism.

Among the many organizations that have already benefited from his words of encouragement are the Disney Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey, Rutgers University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), the City University of New York (CUNY), Amida Care, the Miami Heat, the New York City Department of Education and various high schools, colleges and churches throughout the country. Over the years, he has worked with Cuttino Mobley, Steve Lappas, and Fran Fraschilla, and has been featured on ESPN.

Along with teaching others about positivity, working with young people is one of his passions. Community involvement is certainly a priority for Chris, and in 2013, he co-founded the Williams & Bullock Basketball Academy, an organization that helps aspiring athletes to be better players and better people. In addition, he oversees a group called Keeping It Real, which helps teenagers connect spiritual ideals with current events.

A lifelong basketball lover, Chris is also the voice of the Manhattan Jaspers, broadcasting all of the men and women’s televised and radio games. Chris B. Williams resides in Queens, NY with wife Leah.

HMM:  How was life like growing up for you?

CBW: Life for me growing up in Philadelphia was great!  My family and parents put me in a position where I learned to be successful, and I’m grateful for what they instilled in me, always wanting me to achieve more in life.  Growing up I was a competitive basketball player.  I’ve played it most of my young life and it was one of the determining factors to assist in my upbringing and helped me to become the person I am today.

HMM: How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were going to do for the rest of your life?

CBW: Not sure exactly the age, but from a very young age I knew I had a gift to assist others through my voice and my presence.  Again, my parents instilled values in me that was helpful in shaping who I am today.  They told me it was important to have a voice, let it be heard and use it to help others.

HMM: Were you a dreamer growing up? What kinds of dreams did you have?

CBW:  I was a huge dreamer growing up.  I always dreamed of being on different platforms where I would be influential to others.  Whether in sports, entertainment or education, I knew that I would touch lives.  I dreamed of playing basketball, not really in the NBA, but definitely in college so that I could get a scholarship and a good education.  That was a dream for me and a gift for my parents.

HMM: What made you decide to be what you have chosen as a profession today? Who were some of your earliest influences?

CBW:  My parents were a huge influence on me.  Service was very important in our home.  As a speaker, I realized that I could serve so many people.  I truly believe that when you serve, you deserve; and my service to others has opened amazing doors for me.


HMM: How hard was it breaking into the business? We hear stories all the time of people who try for years and never make it, and then other stories of overnight “in the right place at the right time” sensations. Which one do you think there’s more of? Those who pay their dues, or opportunity meeting preparation?

CBW:  I believe everyone has to pay their dues.  I think my profession has its ups and downs, you have to be very persistent and have a great support system because it is not all success stories getting to the level you want to be on.  At times, receive great opportunities and I’ve learned to prepare myself for those opportunities.  That is what makes me successful.

“Don’t be afraid to take a hard look at yourself, you can literally save your own life!”

HMM: How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and sometimes unscrupulous industry, as business at times can be cutthroat?

CBW:  I lean on my faith in God.  Through consistent prayer and meditation, I’ve learned to remain focused and faithful.  I believe that competition is great and it has kept me on my toes, but I focus on me and my journey, continue to lean on God and not pay attention to the “white noise” around me.  It can be tough at times, but it’s part of the journey.

HMM: What advice do you have for others who have THE dream?

CBW:  My advice would be to follow your dreams, understand there will be difficulties, surround yourself with a good support system and put together a plan.  Once you have a plan and a great support system and a dream you can ultimately be unstoppable.

HMM: What is it about this that makes you do what you do?

CBW:  I find a tremendous amount of love and excitement in all of my endeavors.  I’m passionate every day about what’s ahead of me.  I get to meet so many different people, all ages and backgrounds, and it inspires me to keep going.  I love people and if I can change a viewpoint, mindset, or challenge you to think differently, I’ve done my job, and that’s what keeps me going.

HMM: How difficult is it to maintain a work-life balance? What measures do you take to ensure that you have that?

CBW:  I’m fortunate enough to have a great supportive wife.  Working with my wife, who is also a speaker and entrepreneur, has made my work-life balance easier.  You also have to be disciplined too.  Although I understand that I have a demanding profession and often times a busy schedule, I find it important to take the time to do the things in life that I enjoy.  I often times say when I speak, most people don’t take the time to enjoy themselves and do things just for them.  As hard as I work, I play just as hard.  Whether it is playing a game of basketball, having a nice dinner, or getting in a great workout, I always make time to do the things that I enjoy to help in recharging myself.  It always makes me better for my next assignment.

“Positivity is a powerful force regardless of your circumstances.  Through thinking positive and creating positive energy for yourself, you can ultimately change your life!”

HMM: Would you consider yourself a driven person? What makes you a powerhouse? What is the source of your strength?   

CBW:  No question!  I’m a very driven person.  There is only a small percentage of people who go for what they want.  It takes a lot of determination and dedication to be in that group and I’m fortunate to have that quality.  I believe that one of the attributes of a high achiever and successful person is the ability to adapt to different situations and be resourceful.  This is what I pride myself on.  If that makes me a powerhouse, I’ll take it!  My source of strength is none other than God.  He gets me through EVERYTHING!

HMM: What are some of the things you do to wind down and relax after grueling events and preparations for them?

CBW:  I love to work out and spend quality time with my wife.  Working out helps me clear my head after each event.  Spending time with my wife is so important because we are in the same industry, we are able to dissect each event and I’m able to receive great quality feedback which is helpful for me.  Prayer and meditation help me prepare for every event.  Again, without God, none of this would be possible.


HMM: What is your definition of peace? What is your definition of success?

CBW:  My definition of peace is being in a place where you are comfortable with yourself and understanding that God is under control and will not let you fail.

I like to focus more on significance than success.  Significance to me means heading to your calling and having a good quality of life.  Significance will usually lead to success.

HMM: What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?

CBW:  I would like people to remember that Chris Williams wanted to make a difference and was true to himself.

HMM: What type of legacy do you wish to leave?

CBW:  I’ve never been into legacies, but I would want people to remember that I was big on being a giver and a huge believer of service.

HMM: What is the one dream for yourself you most look forward to having come true?       

CBW:  I’m honestly living my dream now!  I’m working toward living my best life.  The best thing about that, it never ends.

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