Meet Angelique Marshall of Lique Productions

Angelique Marshall

A native of Philadelphia, Angelique Marshall has a passion for the arts began while attending Philadelphia’s Creative and Performing Arts High School, where she majored in Drama & Film/Video.

Angelique Marshall continued her education at Penn State University, where she obtained her BA in Communications and sharpened her skills as an editor, producer, and director.

During this time, she served as a Production Assistant intern with Rel Dowdell’s critically acclaimed feature-length film Train Ride. She also interned with a major market news station, WPVI Channel 6 in Philadelphia.

These opportunities lead her to obtain a Production Assistant / Assistant Assignment Editor position with another major market news station, F0X Philadelphia for the Good Day Morning Show. Before leaving FOX, Angelique showed her creativity and skills by producing and editing 5 volunteer segments, a ponds & garden segment, and a music segment.

As a freelance agent, Angelique Marshall has developed a film/video/theatre/music production and management company called Lique Productions and have worked on a slew of independent projects as a Treatment Writer, Executive Producer,  Director, Assistant Director, Production & Stage Manager, Producer, Casting Director, and Editor.

Angelique’s most recent projects include – Director of The Philadelphia Independent Film Awards, The Director of the long-awaited Play What IF Heaven Was Black.

Director of The award-winning Short Film 3 Women The Movie and a Short Film called A Child of God & Compromised. Director of The Hit Plays The Conversation and The Rebuttal,- feature-length movie- ” Love & Litigations”, Assistant Director of the Urban Philadelphia Play Festival for the award-winning Stage Play Seven Deadly Sins, and VI Degrees, Single Black Female as well as a Teen Televised Talk Show called Generation Next a spin-off of the hit show Urban Expressions, Director of a wonderful music video American Dream by CC Davis.

Other credits include-A Diamond in the Sky, Lost Money, The Strip, Getting My Way, A Sweet Sensation, and “Happy Holidays”, Secret Society the Stage Play, Computer Love, Prisoner, The film adaption of the stage play VI Degrees, Trying to get Heaven on 15 cent. Angelique has also worked as a personnel director for music videos, Marketing Manager and Event Planner for the International Black Film Conference in Philadelphia,( Executive Producer for a televised talent competition, The Talent Throw Down, Senior Creative Director for Philadelphia’s Urban Suburban Film Festival, and Promoter for the Seagrams Gin Tour with Mary J. Blige, Jagged Edge, and Carl Thomas!

Outside of Angelique’s production experience, she has obtained a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College. She uses this degree to provide Mental Health, Counseling, Behavioral, and Early Intervention treatment in her community. Check her out  Angelique’s latest venture involves developing a Mobile Oxygen business to find more information regarding her Mobile Oxygen business at