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Making New Family Traditions at Christmas

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One of the beautiful things about the holiday season is spending time with your family, making new fun-filled memories, and creating new holiday traditions. A family may consist of generations that have grown strong together or completely new members. Either way, there are always ways to start new family traditions combined with the old ones

Christmas Eve Family Pajamas

Wearing a new pair of pajamas on Christmas Eve is an easy way to create new memories. There is something special about waking up on Christmas morning in a brand new pair of pajamas.  Giving them to family members on Christmas Eve can be a wonderful gesture–perfect for those who have everything they need! Wearing special Christmas pajamas is also a way for the family to be comfortable yet look festive in pictures on Christmas morning.

Schedule Your Decorating Date

Decorating for the holidays is another way families can start new traditions. Many of us have hectic schedules. It may be a good idea for your family to set the date and time that you will decorate together as a family. After setting a date, try to decorate at the same time each year.  

For some, creating a festive home environment can be stressful and a lot of work. Decorating the home together not only results in setting the holiday tone for the season but can also reduce stress. While it may be a chore to decorate on your own every year – without any help- you are better off taking advantage of some assistance.

Create a Family Christmas Bucket List

If you want to experience something different, why not create a family Christmas bucket list and accomplish it together? This is basically a list of the experiences you and your family want to experience during the holidays. 

Each family member should be able to input their special holiday ideas. This way, there will be something happening that each of you will enjoy. Activities, as well as special destinations, can be a part of this list. In fact, it might be so much fun that your family continues this new tradition every year.

The Reverse Advent Calendar 

So, what better way to teach all the good of Christmas than by teaching kids about generosity and giving. The humble act of giving to those in need is what de-clutters our homes. Reverse Advent calendars are a genius idea because they make it easy for you to work together as one family and help those in need. 

You and your family can place items in a bag each day during the holiday season to donate. Then, on the last day, take your donations to the shelter. This is a beautiful thing to do, not only for the holidays but all year round.

It’s no secret that the holidays are a time for getting together with family. Traditions play an important part. While traditions may remind us of how fortunate we are, they can also help us connect with our loved ones during the Christmas season. Making memories is what counts at this time of year and all year long!


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