Love vibrations

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 17, 2020, at 6:00 pm

Remember to LIVE in the constant LOVE vibrations; one must LOVE through the constant FORGIVENESS vibration.

I just saw the most beautiful and picturesque thing in my back yard. I was sitting up lying in my bed looking out of the window and behold a deer walking across the back yard had stopped for a nibble, so I got up to watch as I usually do, and that deer was joined by another, and they grazed together.

LIVING with the expectation of greatness is synonymous as LOVING with the hope of importance. If you are not LIVING with your soul’s purpose in mind, you are depriving yourself of the LIFE GOD had in mind with your design by settling. If you do not love with your soul’s purpose in mind, you are depriving yourself of the LOVE GOD had in mind w/your design by settling. Ummm, I wonder if LOVING RIGHT MEANS LIVING RIGHT and therefore LIVING RIGHT MEANS LOVING RIGHT. How about we do both and see.

When pigs surround you, you will eventually get mud and dirt on you. BE CAREFUL of where you place your person, what you hear, who you find yourself in the company of. Eagles don’t eat, sleep or live in chicken coupes. They don’t henpeck or eat garbage, they soar, and they rise high mostly alone until they find themselves in perfect reflective and like company.

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