love happens

The most beautiful relationships are when love happens. LOVE HAPPENS when BOTH parties are READY and WILLING. People are willing to be in relationships all the time and want to be.

Just make sure your readiness is intact when it should be so two very deserving people can begin to live the life of love and happiness destined for them both.

I’m feeling like a kid on Christmas… I am feeling the flavor of FAVOR, and it’s oh so sweet. I am grateful for loving and kind friendships and people in my life. Whoo, it’s so lovely to have friends who operate on and in the love vibration. It’s like food to the soul… soul food is LOVE FOOD… Keep LOVE in your hearts, and you’ll NEVER GO WRONG… GOD is love. KEEP GOD in your hearts, and you’ll always have loved there!

Okay, let’s move on out of LOVE and get into BUSINESS. Listen to people; sometimes you have to live the life you are passionate about and dream about on the side. You never know, one day your side hustle will be your only hustle. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS… they are your reminder of all you are supposed to be doing with your life.!

Any man can have any woman do anything he wants her to do. But what kind of woman can you BE for a man? Forget what you can do, who can you BE?