Looking Good While Traveling

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I recently went to a bloggers seminar and listened to so many people talk about the challenge of Looking Good While Traveling. What I’ve learned most is as always, “Preparation is Key”.
Lets discuss how to remain prepared.


Traveling is not the best time to breakout your new wears and see how that “new outfit goes over”. Since you’re traveling remember your clothing is new to whomever you’re going to be around as they don’t usually see you, in your day to day outfits. Even if they do see you in your usual garb, the new environment will be change enough. There is no need for you to be head to toe different, as well.

This is the time to focus on something that makes you feel confident yet comfortable. You are already going to be in unfamiliar surroundings, it would be best to have some sense of familiarity and norm in Travel.


When I say this, I’m talking to myself! I’ve been Travel for over 30 years and still tend to over pack and pay for it, in the end.

If you’re like me, you’re going to shop, on your trip and find something else to wear. You need to remember the space you’ll need, in your luggage to accommodate your new items. Why do you think so many of this suitcases have that extra zip room? Try to be smart, think ahead and remain optimistic that you’ll find something you’ll want to bring back.


Being smart in how you pack also means being smart in how you dress. Dark pants & skirts are your best options because they show less dirt in case of a mishap and they will work with more options of colorful tops and neutrals. You should be looking to bring more tops than bottoms because they offer versatility and weigh less. Black pants and skirts, dark denim or black jeans and an additional dark colored bottom, then you can go crazy with at least 3-5 colored tops AND a black or navy sweater. Using this formula will allow you to have great “Put Together ”, for your experience.


I recently read another article on packing for Travel and it suggested a light weight black knit dress, a multi-colored scarf and metallic shoes. These are all items that can be easily dressed up or down, offer preparation for every occasions and shouldn’t take up too much space in your suitcase. Keep it in mind, when traveling these options check all the boxes; Ease, Versatility, Well Dressed and Lightweight.


We had an amazing article on the options of white tops, but Travel and white are not the best pair. Unless you’re a Priestess or Running with The Bulls ask yourself if white is your best travel companion. Even if you are a Priestess who’ll be Running with the Bulls, consider the color white as options you might want to purchase, when you get to your destination. Even mishaps in your suitcase, such as lotion spills or color transfer from another garment are devastating when you have a limited back-up plan.

Think of coffee spills, sitting in the wrong spot, ketchup stains, dust/dirt and just living life. Even if you get through the entire day without a spot on your white top or pants, look at the inside neck or hem of the garment. This is not something you can get away with and look pristine for a second day, of your travel.

Instead opt for color and prints, things that can hide a coffee spill or gravy stain. I’m not suggesting you walk around with a stained shirt, on your journey but you can get a stain out in any hotel room sink, restaurant bathroom or Aunt Mamie’s house and it does not have to be totally perfect. Trust me, that white shirt won’t hold up quite as well under the same circumstances.


I’ve attended a few blogger seminars and they talk about taking pictures while they travel. The one thing I’ve heard consistently is that every detail of your outfit should be planned. I always stress this idea so I will only double down for travel. If you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. It helps you plan your space and sometimes, even your activities. Bloggers suggest planning down to the finite details, jewelry, cosmetics, belts and underwear.

I remember “over packing” for a trip to Greece. My idea was to be prepared and make sure I looked “Cute & Sexy” all of the time. While I think I achieved, this idea I know I could have done just as much with less. I packed 2 or 3 dresses for each day when one would have been enough. I packed too many shoes , one of the heaviest items you can pack; when I should have been more practical and stuck to 2 pair. I also had the idea to wear these amazing bracelets with one dress, but when it came time to wear the dress I couldn’t find the bracelets, in my bag. Ironically they were in the bag the whole time, I just packed so many things, that I couldn’t locate them in the suitcase. UGH! I took my clothing more seriously, than my experience! On top of everything else, we had a great deal of trek from city to city with no valet help. My bag was so heavy that when I had to carry it up a very tall flight of steps because the escalator was broken, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

Okay, okay this isn’t about me or my inability to pack smart but I wanted to share my mishaps and what could go wrong. Don’t be “That Girl” in Greece or any other place for that matter. Ultimately, traveling is meant to grow your experience and soul, not your wardrobe.


Small bags are very helpful. I find small plastic bags best. Small plastic bags (be it a box of them from the supermarket or sturdy travel options from packing kits) they can be used over and over again, they keep things clean/dry and you can see exactly what’s in them for easy placement.

Use the bags for jewelry and small accessories. You can even use the plastic bags for your underwear, if you choose. You can place the bag in the center of each outfit you’ve decided upon while folding it, in the suitcase.

I know what you’re thinking:
“I had to find time to read this article, how am I supposed to have time for this type of packing?” It’s not as time consuming as you may think and like everything else gets easier every time you do it.

Since you’ve planned ahead, take it a step further and remove your items from the suitcase, upon your arrival and lay them out in your room, so that it’s ready to jump in the day of wear. Even if all you can do lay is it out over a couch, table or chair it’s better than stuck inside the bag.

As I always say, being prepared is always a good idea; in the end it should offer you help for your excursion and not another headache.