Long Hair Styles : keeping it long and stylish

If you are blessed with long hair, irrespective of whether your strands are curly or straight, then you get the highest options for choosing from hairstyles with long hair. Long hair is itself like an accessory to make you look beautiful, and to give yourself a makeover or to avoid boredom of carrying the same hairstyle everyday – style your long hair the right way to look gorgeously and elegantly beautiful.

Hairstyles for long hair – types
If you are tired of just layers on your hair, and want to try a different ‘look’, then you have multiple choices to do so.

If you don’t want to use any sprays or chemicals on your hair, but still want something simple, just take your entire hair on any one side behind your ears and pin the strands firmly. This is the simplest hairstyle for your long hair.

Ponytail cum pumped hair look – just pump your hair in the middle by back brushing and use a good hairspray and a pin to create and hold the pump right in the middle of your hair.

Take the rest of your hair and tie it back straight and tight it into a ponytail. Use a colorful or accessorized hair rubber band to add that extra ‘shine’ to your hair.

If you have a naturally wavy hair, then just get some front bangs from your hairstylist, straighten the bangs and you have a mixed rocking look to go for a party. You can also go for long side swept bangs to compliment your side square shaped face.

Braids are custom made for long hairstyles, so choose your braid and make a statement. French braids are the highest in demand look for the same.

Hairstyles for long hair – be bold
If you are bold enough to do some experiment with hairstyles for your hair, then highlighting your hair with colors to suit your skin tone would work magic for you. You just need to color a few strands of your hair and keep it simple. Your hairstylist will be the best person to decide which colors you can experiment with and let the highlights do the magic for you.

Hair bun – a very retro hairstyle looks for your long hair. If you are blessed with thick long hair, and want to look sexy for summer, then pulling your hair back and tying it up into a high back bun can’t get better for you. This hairstyle is not just different, but also catches the eyes if you have a prominent jawbone to show off. Curl your hair – If you are bored of your long and straight strands, but do not want to compromise with the length, go for curling your hair. Just use a hair curler and a good hair spray to attain the ‘curly hair’ look.