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your voice


Your Voice Your Choice, 4 powerful words.   Always remember, that you do have a voice and you do have a choice.

As women, we should opt to use our voice when given the choice to speak out on a variety of topics that we could be influential on, especially when it comes to uplifting our women as sisters not as competitors; raising the bar as women when being viewed by the young girls; supporting others in work, relationship, politics, schools, community, etc.

As men, we should challenge the next man not with boy mentality but with a man anthology.  Your Voice Your Choice! If you at work and you see potential in the next guy, guide his path.  If you are in the street and you see your alleged friend doing bad and/or looking to mess up a good thing at home, be the angel in his life to stop him from making a big mistake.  If you are surrounded by boys, show them it is not weak to be a man, have a voice or to make a choice, especially the right ones.  Mistakes will come and lessons will go, but never take away their opportunity to know

Everyone is responsible for their own self and actions, but never forget we were taught “Each One Teach One;” “I Am My Brother’s Keeper;” My Sister My Friend;”  and all the other catch phrases.  Sure you may have had to learn the hard way or sure you may have had to bust your butt to get to where you are, but never forget, we can all make it, especially if we instill back into humanity “Your Voice Your Choice!”  Let’s change the world for the better by working together.

We at Hustle Mama Magazine get it.  We as a whole may not always agree with other people’s choices, but it is not for us to agree, but to respect it.  It is our job as a whole to guide the misguided and to help the less fortunate.  As a Hustle Mama, I have learned that I was not put in this position to keep it to myself, God has placed me here to continue to “Pay It Forward!”  My work here is My Voice and My Choice and I hope it helps someone.

Yes, some things may be out of our control, but the things we can make an impact on and a difference in, we must remember “Your Voice Your Choice!”  Speak out and Stand Up.  Remember, why be silent, when it is better to be heard!  Just what you choose to do or say, do it with respect.

Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Senior Staff Editor