I always found things to help me focus on getting through, over or past things. My first was gymnastics, there I found DETERMINATION. I was determined to CONQUER my FEAR and dig deep for STRENGTH.  The balance beam didn’t like me, every time I got on, I fell off. Trust me there were many times I fell down and stood up. I studied it from every angle, I warmed up to it, and it warmed up to me. Soon you wouldn’t believe the things we conquered together. Next was dancing. It helped me get a grip on my SHYNESS.

I was meek & timid, but inside my soul sang “Mama I want to dance!” Every day while kids were outside playing, I was practicing, I didn’t need to do the physical work, because my mind held it all. One day while in HS, teacher gave us a free day, I told my girlfriend let’s go in the hallway. While she watched and unbeknownst to me, my teacher watched, I did the whole Pleasure Principal video, from start to end, including going over the chair. Lets just say that day my teacher started utilizing my hidden talents.

I used dance to calm and create. It calmed my spirit and created a space of my own, the stage belonged to me.  Finally, was writing, painting a picture on canvas by putting pen to paper. This final process allowed me to CLEANSE my soul. Not always having someone to talk to, I expressed myself through story. I released all that ailed me and pained me by drawing a picture and by using my words to allow others to visualize & wear my shoes and/or the shoes of others. In the end, I wanted everyone to know IM JUST LIKE YOU! I found things I was good at to heal me spiritually and physically.

By tuning into my weakness, I used my talents to make a negative in my life into a positive. THE HEALING starts with you and should start within.   Find something you like to do and use it to help with THE HEALING.  Start THE HEALING today, you will love the change in you!