by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

Oh how GRATEFUL I AM for obeying and listening to the voice of GOD… lend your ears for not thinking about what man would want to say about the things I do, for being strong enough to withstand the backbiting, for understanding that GOD is in control of all creatures great and small: and WHEN YOU OBEY HE makes KNOWN His PRESENCE and HIS BLESSINGS for your OBEDIENCE abound

Sometimes the difficulty is not in waiting for the promise, but in how you ready for the pledge… believing it to be right in the first place so you can expect with an expectation of IT IS SO instead of waiting with the anguish of IS IT TRUE? BOOM!

What man fails to realize is that his realizations cause him the most failure… because he relies on accomplishments from man and society’s definition of what should be instead of revelations from GOD of what is so.

When you are PURPOSED for GREAT THINGS, you must PROCEED through the GREATEST of HAPPENINGS. If you are not being tested through difficulty, then where and how else would you develop the strength and stamina to lead a people?

The reason why people reject WHO they don’t understand, go against WHAT they have difficulty believing is because they have yet to reconcile within themselves that ALL PEOPLE and ALL THINGS are creations defined by GOD, not by our placement of value upon them.

When the man realizes that his mind and thinking has opened the door to his misery, he will learn to open the door to his heart to let the love and sunshine in as the remedy to such.

Sometimes the reason why some relationships work out, and some do not have everything to do with both parties feeling WORTHY of the other’s contribution. CHOICE has a lot to do with EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING to do with the NOTHING people accept.

Those of you who have BIG DREAMS and have yet to see the small desires come to fruition, you must know and have faith that the BIG DREAMS you’ve seen are not from you, but have been placed in you so that the thirst of your soul remembers its purpose for being here in the first place… NOW WALK LIKE YOU KNOW and stop acting like you don’t. YOUR ACTIONS and your ATTITUDE, your POSTURE, and your PERCEPTION will always be the drivers to your SUCCESS.

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