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Five Leftover Recipes

If you’re worried about the level of food you are wasting, you can start looking at ways to reuse it. Did you know that most of the food you throw away can be used in leftover recipes?

Here, we’ll look at just five leftover recipes you can use to cut down on food waste at home.

1. Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread is one of the most common foods to get thrown away. It tends to have a relatively short shelf life, and you get quite a lot in one batch. If you find you are continually throwing away leftover bread, why not use it for baking?

You can make a great bread and butter pudding with leftover bread. It might not sound overly delicious, but this dessert can be surprisingly tasty. There are all kinds of variations you can cook up, including classic bread and butter pudding, alongside marmalade and whiskey, or banana bread and butter pudding.

Take a look online for hundreds of bread and butter puddings you can create. 

2. Citrus Cheesecake

Do you throw away a lot of fresh citrus fruits? There are so many uses for leftover citrus, and creating mouth-watering cheesecakes is just one of them. 

Cheesecakes are extremely easy to make, and you’ll often have the ingredients you need already in your pantry. You can create orange cheesecakes, lemon cheesecakes, and even grapefruit flavor cheesecakes if you want to experiment. 

You could use this idea for any leftover fruit you have. 

3. Banana Bread

Another leftover fruit idea is banana bread. Bananas can ripen very quickly, so if you notice them starting to turn, using them up in this recipe is ideal.

Whether you create a classic banana bread recipe or go for something a little more exotic, it’s a great way to use up leftover bananas. You could eat it as a healthy breakfast or as a healthier dessert. 

4. Mini Turkey and Cranberry Pies

Turkey is a classic staple of Thanksgiving, and there is usually a LOT leftover. You already likely know some leftover recipes you can try out. However, if you’re looking for something new, why not cook up some mini turkey and cranberry pies?

These aren’t just great for the family; they can be ideal for entertaining during the holidays too. All you’ll need is some shortcrust pastry, leftover turkey, and a few ingredients from your pantry. 

5. Mayonnaise

Finally, if you have a lot of leftover eggs, you could turn them into mayonnaise. The great thing about this recipe idea is that it will taste so much nicer than the store-bought stuff you are used to. It also needs vinegar, mustard, and oil – ingredients commonly found in most pantries. 

These are just a small number of leftover recipe ideas you can try. If you carry out a quick online search, you’ll see thousands of leftover food recipes. No matter which foods you typically throw away most, there are leftover recipes you can use to cut down your waste.