“However you start, you must continue.” We have heard this phrase over and over. This concept is most important in keeping the romance alive and fresh in your relationship.  Often times in relationships, couples stop communicating with one another, complacency kicks in and we begin to take one another for granted.  This can and will lead to extra marital affairs and in extreme cases separation and divorce.

I am speaking through personal experiences. I know this is real. I have been married for fourteen years, and currently, I am not happy nor am I in love with my husband.  There are various reasons that I have gotten to the point, but the key reasons are the lack of communication between the two of us and complacency. As a result of all of this, it has lead me to pursue relationships outside of my marriage.

Although, this is not the appropriate thing to do, my relationship is beyond being fixed.

The following is a list of suggestions for someone that is experiencing some of the things
that I am in their relationship. Hopefully, they will help you begin to mend your broken relationship:

  • Get back in touch with one another, and date each other again.
  • Complement one another often
  • Communicate regularly
  • Do little/simple things for your mate
  • Seek counseling
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