Working My Way Back To ME Has Led me to YOU…

I knew for a fact that with the beginning of my self-employment 2.5 years ago, I was to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. The journey of me in search of ME is one that I happened to take along the way.

It’s funny because it is not until you have certain ‘freedoms’ TO BE, that you realize in your past you never really was and haven’t ever really been.

For example; you may have been as much as you could possibly be of yourself in the workplace and workforce, but that little thing called INSUBORDINATION was definitely your ‘do not pass go’ line in letting your supervisors and bosses really know what you thought of them or what was on your mind.

While there are definitely checks and balances of a different kind that are superimposed by the status quo when you have your own business, they are nothing compared to restrictions that you wear upon your person when in the workforce.

Needless to say not only have I learned A LOT about the commitment, drive, and determination to YOU that you need in order to be successful at running your own business; I have learned a lot about me and so I have manifested along the way.

I believe that we are all imparted a destiny at birth. I believe that we are more in alignment and closer to those destinies as children and lose our way along the way to adulthood. Think about it for a moment.

It is when you are a child that you are the least inhibited and can freely tap into what you desire or most want to be based on your perception of what makes you feel good and happy.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to believe that our pursuits should be more comparable to what parents, educators, and society deems fit and appropriate to pursue.

I am convinced that the beginning of people’s misery starts with them being something for someone else’s sake.

It is not until you are completely LIBERATED FROM THE MASSES OF ALL EXTERNAL STIMULI AND INFLUENCES  (and yes including the overcrowding of predisposed and super-imposed thoughts within your intellectual rationale), that you can get back to that place of who you are meant to be, who you were, who you used to be, who you always wanted to be and begin to plot that course.

It is because I have found my way back to ME that I am heading towards you. You see, as a child, I wanted to grow up to be three things…. a teacher, a rapper, and then a model.

I was urged by my mother (who was an educator in the New York City School System at the time), not to major in Education and obliged. I was also steered clear by my parents, of having anything to do with the Hip Hop industry as a child even though I was rolling with the best of the early New York pioneers, and just as good as them in freestyle and delivery.

And while modeling was something I was completely capable of doing professionally because I was very tall and extremely skinny, again, my parents’ choice was education so those pursuits found themselves on amateur stages instead.

Here it is almost 30 years later and I have found my way back to ME. And it seems that my destiny was calling me at a young age, without so much as a clue on my part.

I am in fact a TEACHER, serve as a ROLE MODEL, and I RAP all day long! So you see, this road I’ve taken working my way back to ME has led me straight to all of YOU!

If you find yourself unhappy at present, go back to you as early as you can remember, think about what brought you joy and peace and what you always wanted to be, and if you are not on your way there take that detour back and you never know: working your way back to YOU may lead to all of US!