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Is it Time to Change Your Workout Routine?

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Most of us are creatures of habit and don’t like change in our lives or workout routines. We head to the gym, hop on the elliptical trainer, and run the same route every time. Sure regular exercise is beneficial for your health and keeps you fit, but you may need to upgrade it every once in a while to keep your body —AND BRAIN— stimulated.

Dr. Arnold Lee MD says upgrading your workout routine regularly can stimulate different muscle groups and prevent boredom. Many popular magazines online suggest thousands of different types of exercises to try. Women’s lifestyle magazines have made it easier for everyone to navigate their fitness routines with up-to-date information on fitness trends. Read on to know why you need to adjust and upgrade your workout routine.

Because You Can’t Expect Different Results by Doing the Same Things Over and Over:
Ever wondered how your workout instructor takes so many classes every week like it’s nothing? It’s not because they’re superhuman or anything, but their bodies have actually become accustomed to those regular workout classes. It’s no longer a challenge to their bodies.

If you’ve attended fitness classes, you’d know that the instructors typically do the same thing every week. Whether you like cycling class, Pilate’s series, or Zumba dance, you’re more likely to experience improvement and changes in your body if you push yourself by trying new formats of exercising. If you feel your workout routine doesn’t challenge you anymore, it’s most likely time for an upgrade.

Because You May be Overlooking a Major Fitness Component:
Following the same workout routine could mean that you’re missing a significant fitness component that will keep your heart rates up, healthy, and happy. You need a balanced cardio and strength training workout to hit your goal.

While cardio workout is excellent for your heart rate and boosts your endurance, strength training is vital to protect your muscles and joints from any injury. Overdoing cardio can result in muscle overuse. A mix of both workout formats will increase your strength, so you don’t feel winded climbing the stairs. Don’t forget that a variety of both will make your fitness routine more exciting as it wouldn’t feel monotonous.

If you’re a workout wanderlust, you need to be more consistent because it takes time and consistency to see the results. Working out is like learning a new language. You need to be consistent and keep practicing regularly. Setting a goal and challenging yourself with a routine can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can mix up different track movements and strength training modalities.

Incorporate consistent strength training and cardio exercises into your workout routine twice or thrice a week. You can focus on upper body training one day and lower body the other day. This routine will help make real improvements.

Because Exercise Requires Learning:
Starting on a fitness journey is very similar to the first day of school. After attending the same class for a few months, you become well-versed and then move on to the other grade. Picture going to the gym and you reach lifting 15 pounds kettlebell. But in the next class, you’d be able to lift up to a 25 pounds kettlebell.

You shouldn’t start lifting 25 pounds kettlebell; instead, take your time to learn and perfect your form. Learning the proper technique and perfecting your form is essential to prevent your body from injuries. You will need to learn it with every new exercise before you ace it.
The beginning phase is always tricky, and it requires a lot of patience and hard work to improve and grow.

Because Upgrading Workout Routine Keeps Your Brain Healthy:
It’s no secret that exercise keeps your brain sharp and increases synaptogenesis that prevents memory loss. An upgraded workout routine is similar to learning something new that keeps your neurons in better shape.

Exercises such as ballroom dancing, Zumba, or barre workout requires learning and memorizing new moves that keep your brain fresh and prevent boredom. Sticking to a routine workout is like working on autopilot that doesn’t benefit your brain or health.
Research shows that mixing workouts keeps individuals motivated, and it’s also a great incentive for their trainers to track their progress.

Because You Need Balance between Consistency and Variety:
It’s crucial to work out all the muscle groups and parts of bodies to prevent injuries and stay healthy. Staying consistent is the only way to achieve your fitness goals. While bringing change in your routine is essential, you won’t see any results if you don’t practice the same workout repeatedly.

This will require some time, some help from a trained professional, and some hard work from your end. Finding the perfect balance between variety and consistency is the only way to achieve your goals.

If you’re not already familiar with the term ‘periodization,’ let us introduce it to you. Periodization refers to the predictable pattern of variation in a fitness routine to improve performance. Periodization training helps maximize your strength, endurance and brings long-term improvement. It’s the best way to break the monotony in your workout regimen.

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