Real Beauty radiates from the inside-out. When you ask men about their likes and interests, many of them will always talk about what is pleasing to their “male portions” and what immediately catches their eye; but the underlying fact of the matter is that men really can and do appreciate the inner workings, inner beauty, and inner essence of a woman.

I found some of the greatest lists and feedback of what matters most to men that women never consider on a few interesting sites.

A picture is worth more than just 1,000 words…So let me paint you this picture.

Let’s start with the Top 10 Proven Traits Men Desire in Women List from (In DESCENDING Order)

  • Moderate Eroticism
  • Wearing Red
  • Waist-to-Hip Ration (the waist is 70% of the size of the hips)
  • Large Eyes and a Balanced Mouth (mouth 50% of the width of the face)
  • Bodily Attractiveness
  • Agreeableness and Ability to Empathize
  • Ovulating
  • Self-Sacrificing
  • She Appreciates You
  • Facial Attractiveness

See NO Evil : According to, there are attributes that men find attractive besides looks.

  • You’re Kind
  • You Make the First Move
  • You’re Positive
  • You’re Honest
  • You Fight Right
  • You Have Quirky Interests
  • You Like Your YOU Time

There’s nothing like an ORGANICALLY ENRICHED RELATIONSHIP. Be yourself, have a great outlook, and remember to smell the roses and everything you radiate will be authentically you so you can attract that authentic relationship you were always meant to have.