by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 20, 2020, at 1:00 pm

My thought for today is simple…”When you have love in your heart, you have peace in your mind. When you have peace in your account, you have a spirit that rests. When you have a sense that rests, you have a soul that LIVES and LIVE WELL.!!!” (Stefany J.)

It’s almost 3 am, and I usually am someone who rises each day somewhere between 4:30 and 5 am. I didn’t go to bed any earlier than usual, and my getting up at this time has something to do with my spirit being at rest. There are a lot of things on my mind these days, and I know that the only way to conquer them is through love.

Love is the correct release of everything that weighs you down. Let me explain. When you love someone unconditionally, then there is nothing that they can say or do to you that will cause you to hurt, anxiety, frustration, or anguish. The love you have will allow it to roll off your back and give you the strength to keep it moving.

To love another human being through their actions that are not conducive to your edification nor you’re well being is a skill that takes time to develop, especially when the person is someone very close to you like a spouse, a parent, or a child.

I find more and more that the thing that plagues us most are our ills and that the unresolved issues a person has with their past hold them back from the freedom to live through love and anything that has happened to them then, or will happen to them in the future.

As I move through the events of my present which are challenging everything I hold dear, and while I continue to experience the slight discomfort of having my character perfected, I know and am well aware that the only thing that will get me on the other side of through is love in your heart, peace of mind, a rested spirit, and a comforted soul!

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