Hurt By Those We Loved



Do you ever have feelings of emptiness? Do you struggle with depression? Do you come from a troubled family? You’re suffering from what psychologists refer to as “shame.” Shame is a feeling that one is not good enough as a person and can undermine your happiness in life. But with the right help and the will to overcome it, you can fight shame with some of the helpful steps below.

Here at Hustle Mama Magazine, we care. It’s not just about a good story, it is about helping others. We strive on inspiration, motivation and empowering. In Part 1, we break downs steps to help you overcome shame. In Part 2, we will hear from someone who turned Victim into Victory. Still a work-in-progress, she will share her highs and lows, her good and bad and her struggles and her strengths.


By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

1. Find a good therapist.A good therapist or life coach can help you deal with your emotions and try to make sense out of what you are feeling and why. You might have to see several therapist until you find one that works for you. A bad therapist is worse than no therapist. Judge how you feel after a session and if they seem compassion to help or did you leave feeling judgmental.

2. Seek a support group. Although for some it may be the last resort to sit in a support group, but actually it should be one of your first choices when deciding to seek help. It helps to put you amongst others who share the same trauma and hear their stories, their struggles, their victory and which in return will give you a sense of security knowing “you are not alone.”

3. Buy a notebook or journal. One of the most therapeutic ways besides talking about it, is writing about it. Both of these methods help release the turmoil that you deal with on a daily basis. This is not to show anyone, it’s for you. If you just write down your feelings, be specific and detailed. If you decide on starting a novel, give the characters different names. This is your story.

4. Make healing a priority. You can go a lifetime without healing unless you make the choice that you want to be healed. Remember, you do not have to forget, but you could forgive. Forgiveness is not to allow the other person to live, but it is to kill the pain of the past that has weighed you down or kept you back.

5. Let Go and Let God. During the years of struggle and depression, your faith may have waived. Get back to God and watch Him do a work in you. Make a list of people good and bad. Make a list of the pros and cons. Start there. If there are people that failed you right along with your attacker, maybe you need to let them go too. From your list of pros and cons. Celebrate the pros and start working on fixing the cons. Always remember, God don’t bring you to it, unless He plans on bringing you through it.