Energy-efficient appliances are now getting fame with every passing year as people realize the importance of energy and the harmful effects of these devices on our environment. Energy-efficient appliances seem expensive, but in the long run, they will pay for it.

They are also environmentally friendly in one way or another. Appliances that are durable and use less operating energy are significant savings in all respects, i.e., saving money, saving energy, and low emission of CO2.

With energy-efficient appliances, you will save money each time you use it, and these savings add up over time. An energy-efficient dishwasher can save you £15 a year; an energy-efficient washing machine is also a jackpot as it uses two-third less energy than an ordinary washer.

Similarly, an energy-efficient refrigerator can save £35 a year for you and £350 over the lifetime. By replacing all the appliances with energy-efficient devices, you can see a considerable reduction in your bills, and also it helps you save energy.

Whenever you buy an appliance, it remains with you for about ten or maybe 20 years. It is always important to keep this factor in mind before purchasing any big appliances. Most energy-efficient appliances are expensive. Don t think of the current expenditure; think what will save you fro the next 10 to 20 coming years. You will find it expensive in the short run, but it will pay you for it in the long run.

There are so many ways that you can use to reduce energy consumption. You can still save energy without having energy-efficient appliances. But following these tips along with energy-efficient appliances will be a plus point to save as much energy as you can. The amount of energy consumed depends on how and where the machines are used. By keeping small things in mind, you can save energy.

– You are using a washing machine or dishwasher, always try to wash full loads, i.e., avoid using these appliances for short intervals – they consume too energy on each startup.

– Never leave your freezer or refrigerator open for a long time.

– Avoid refrigerating hot foods.

– Regular defrosting will enhance the efficiency of your refrigerator.

– Never leave your appliances unnecessarily in standby position for long.