by Stefany J. Jones on Sunday, July 12, 2009, at 2:30 pm


True love is patient; love is kind. Love is long-suffering and sacrificial, not selfish or stingy. Love is generous and giving. Love is understanding and compassionate. It is empathetic and sympathetic. It doesn’t get frustrating.

Love is conquered with open hands and arms, not crossed arms and closed fists. Love sheds tears and soothes anger. Love makes excuses but tells the truth. Love is shaping and evolving into better and more. Love doesn’t throw what you’ve confided back at you to keep score.

Love gives when there is nothing left to give. True love forgives when it doesn’t feel like it. Love longs for I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, and I promise not to do it again. Love listens for I LOVE YOU and thirsts and desires for I’m SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE.

Right Love, thank you for putting up with the nonsense. Love reminds you of how truly magnificent you are. Love will go hungry so that you may eat. Love will thirst so that you may drink. Love doesn’t keep tabs on all the wrongs.

Love will cut that thing off, just to make you happy. Desire will even hold her tongue and keep her silence just so that you won’t feel bad. Love wants to do for you, be for you, have for you, it even will continue to contact bad just for you.

Love will justify, multiply, and testify all day long. Love listens for the melodies of sweet songs. Love is not temperamental, it does not fuss. It won’t accuse, and it won’t make you eat your dust.

Love is resolving conflict without persecution or prosecution. Love is fair. But most of all, you and I both know when love is there.