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How Do You Blend Hair Extensions With Your Hair For A Natural Look?

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Hair extensions are transforming especially for women who have thin hair and yearn for a fuller hair body.

Apart from the extensions that can be woven into hair, there are clip-in hair extensions that offer a very simple way of updating your look. However, hair extensions need to be properly placed otherwise they will be noticeable and unsightly in one way or another. If you want to achieve the most natural look even when wearing hair extensions, then you must be wary of the most important aspects of hair.

Choose the perfect shade

Your hair extension will only blend in with your natural hair when you select a shade that is perfect. Blonde, redhead and brunette are the most common shades, but there are so many shades you can choose from. There are darker and lighter options and your stylist can help you work with a shade that works best for you. In case you cannot find a shade that you love, you can opt to have extension dyed into a perfect shade. Hair experts also used highlight and blusher wefts to help achieve the perfect shade for you so do not feel limited to just a few choices.

Select the right length

If you are going for clip-ons, you should ensure that they match the length of your natural hair so you are able to create the most natural look possible. If you end up buying an extension whose length is not in line with your natural hair, you can have your stylist trim or cut it in a style that matches with your natural hair. It is easier for women with longer hair to work with the lengths and styling, but it is not entirely impossible for those with shorter hair even though it takes more work.

Prepare hair before placing extensions

A natural look will only be achieved when your extension has a place to hold onto. You should consider spraying your own hair before pushing the clip-ons so they can find secure grip and a secure rest. Your hair type will determine how much teasing you need before clipping on with thicker hair being easier to tease compared to fine hair. The extensions should be set close together so that natural hair does not end up being seen in the wrong places. Another great way of setting the extension to achieve a natural look is to gently shake with fingers after clipping on. It is a seamless way of missing the extensions with natural hair, but should be done carefully so clips are not pulled out.

Care for the extensions

Treat your hair extension as you do your natural hair to keep it blended into your own hair. Wash the extensions every few weeks or as soon as they have signs of buildup. You should also use moisture shampoo when washing the hair to keep it looking great and in top condition for as long as you use it.

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