Phoenicia Gearing (Pastor Phoenicia Sibert) was born May 9, 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Bishop C.D. Gearing Jr. and Dr. Andrea L. Gearing. After graduating from high school in 2002 Phoenicia served in her father’s ministry at Zion Full Gospel World Ministries, Doraville, GA until being licensed to preach and ordained as Assistant Pastor of Zion Full Gospel World Ministries in 2008.

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert has developed a style of teaching and preaching that is innovative, yet trendy, strong, powerful, bold, and truthful.

She often refers to this style as “snatching back by force!” I had the opportunity to spend time with this powerhouse woman, and there’s no doubt in my mind that her life’s work of “snatching back” is an understatement of all that she does. Her ministry is about performing outreach to the world to take those who are a part of generation X back into the kingdom as part of generation ‘resurrect’.

HMM: What would you say is plaguing relationships today or the cause of their demise, and how would you remedy?

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert: I grew up around a lot of love and the expression of it. We got up and went to church together as a family. I would say it’s the lack of love and Godly principles. There’s not enough prayer in the households, or love shown between mothers & fathers. As a result people are going outside of the home and themselves to fill that void. We must first learn to love God because He first loved us. Once we know how to love God and ourselves, it will spread.

HMM: What would you say to those young women without a proper example in the household?

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert: I would tell them that they could still make it, even if they don’t have responsible mothers and/or fathers. You have to connect with those people that you know who see something in you that you don’t even see in yourself. There is usually someone that you can always kick it with and talk to, and that is the person you need to have in your ear. No matter what, you can be greater than what the statistics say.

We have to get closer to God. The more we get closer to God the more people He will send into our lives to help us through situations. God has the last say so in all things.

A lot of the young men I have talked to are hurting because they feel as if their fathers have abandoned them. It is important that we learn out to forgive so that we can be healed.

HMM: In addition to God, what would you say could turn the state of affairs around for us that would make things better for our lives?

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert: I would have to say to be real with ourselves. A lot of times in this life, we want to blame other people for our decisions and what we are going through, but we haven’t looked at ourselves to better our life and make us better in certain situations. Are we doing everything within ourselves that we are capable of doing to make ourselves and our lives better? We don’t have time to be fake or phony. We have to begin to do things the right way in order for this world to change.

HMM: How do we begin to change the paradigm of the unspoken jealousy that exists among sisters today?

Pastor Phoenicia Sibert: There’s jealousy and competition among women because we don’t know who we are. A lot of times, we as sisters, have to learn how to keep it real with one another. We have to learn who we are, what we possess inside of us, what God has given us and that we are precious!