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Hometown Hustle Mama Janine Saulsbury

Community Hometown Hustle Mama

Hometown Hustle Mama Janine Saulsbury

Janine Saulsbury

This New York City Hustle Mama Janine Saulsbury is Sharing Her Life in a Foundation Undertaking All Her Own

Janine Saulsbury is not your average Philanthropist/Film Maker. She is a young lady truly ahead of her time making pioneering moves others only dream of.

Janine Saulsbury is a Harlem native; born and raised. She is the oldest girl of 8 children and considers herself very much the “Harlem Girl”.

Life wasn’t always easy for her growing up, but she found herself situationally blessed when her circumstances could have easily had unfavorable outcomes. She began the Share For Life Foundation in 2001 as a vehicle to create educational programs and videos for people who live below the poverty level. She started this organization because she recognized the need for young people to have an outlet in which to express themselves and also to get off the streets. She shares that growing up there weren’t many programs available, and that is why her foundation created programs from Youth Leadership and Safe Sex to Career Development. They have programs for youth, teens, and senior citizens; offering film and media programs where they teach young people how to create short films. The size of her foundation and their impact is nothing short of impressive, as all of her programs are facilitated through the New York City Housing Authority and their community centers. At present they are in all five boroughs. Share for Life Programs were recently approved to be part of the New York Department of Education Curriculum under a five year contract. Due to the overwhelming demand for her foundation’s programs, Janine hopes to double her work force as a part of its expansion by the beginning of next year.

”Sometimes you have to experience di erent things in life for God to take you where He wants you to go.



This former model Janine Saulsbury has taken film making to higher heights by sharing her gifts and talents with children all over New York City. In addition to the full-time commitment to her Share For Life Foundation, Janine is an Independent Filmmaker

At present Janine Saulsbury is working on a documentary called “Something About Harlem” which talks about how much Harlem has changed over the years. Her roster of interviews includes various politicians, athletes, musicians, and community residents sharing their experiences in


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