Jacqueline Edmond Long, Fall 87 Sigma Chapter


international levels of the sisterhood. These high standards remain the expectation as the torch is continuously carried to younger Sigma Chapter sorors who have come after us.

My journey in Delta Sigma Theta began not when I made the Fall 1987 line at Sigma Chapter, Clark College, but eight years prior while visiting my sister who was attending Shippensburg University. I was 12 years old and visiting her  for the weekend. While on campus, I noticed these three young ladies who were dressed the same: red berets, buttoned trenchcoats, white shirts, red skirts, white stockings and black shoes. learned in our time together on line.

Not a word was uttered among them as they walked in sync and in a straight line, seemingly determined to reach their Delta spans the globe and is so much more than our few destination. When I asked my sister who they were, she said, weeks together learning about the sisterhood. As I have “They’re pledging Delta Sigma Theta.” During the remainder continued to learn and grow, I have met Sorors across the of my time at the college, I asked her friends questions about country who have so openly demonstrated Delta’s virtues. Delta and was determined that when I went to college, I would “Public service and sisterhood are for what our Founders become a member. stood…” are the words to one of the many steps that we have chanted throughout the years. That is the core to Delta and by That was 33 years ago and I still have the same kind of which I have lived my life. Giving love to those who are less fortunate.


This past fall, me and nine of my nineteen line sisters celebrated 25 years in the sisterhood. We have all grown; each of us with husbands, children, careers, ministries of varying kinds, etc., but we will always have the memories of and lessons learned in our time together online.

then. I was 13 of 20 women who “crossed the burning sands” scholarships, participating in demonstrations, attending city back in 1987 at what is now Clark Atlanta University. The council meetings, serving as Deputy Registrar in voter experiences that I had on line I still use to this very day. registration drives are among the multitude of activities of which Perserverance, sisterly love, restraint, patience, obedience, I have participated as a Delta. Meeting and working alongside listening and learning, thinking under pressure, sharing and so women of caliber who, in spite of meeting family demands, still many more qualities, virtues or whatever one calls them, were for have the time and energy to aid their fellow man. These are school girl curiosity and love for the sisterhood that I did back fortunate and weak by providing assistance, raising money for me, lifelong lessons in my 7 weeks on line. After becoming a Delta, those qualities were fine-tuned beyond measure and have been incorporated into every aspect of my life.

The added bonus of being made in Sigma Chapter, the 18th chapter and the first Delta Chapter in the south, has made my experience all the more enlightening.

Because we were “single letter” Sigma Chapter made, expectations were higher for raising scholarship monies, raising the caliber of public service initiatives, college-wide leadership, how we carried ourselves and the maintaining high expectations at the national and only a few reasons as to why I continue to be in love with my sisterhood.

To conclude Sigma Chapter, as Delta embarks upon its 100th year in existence, and as I reflect upon my journey in Delta, I can honestly say that most of the lifelong friendships that I have established are due to Delta Sigma Theta.

I thank my 22 Founders for having the vision and foresight to create a sisterhood that focuses upon public service because those kindred spirits whom I call Sorors and friends, I may have never found were it not for Delta!