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Hometown Hustle Mama – Cecile Anthony

Hometown Hustle Mama

Hometown Hustle Mama – Cecile Anthony

Cecile Anthony

Cecile Anthony was born in the Virgin Islands and was raised in the Bronx, New York from an early age.

She has held many jobs during her working career in different fields from catering, photography, credit analyst, certified carpet cleaner and to her most recent job as a paralegal working in real estate law for a prominent New York City Law Firm. With a zest for creativity, Cecile uses her many talents in various fields personally, professionally, creatively, humanitarianly, and charitably.

Cecile is the creative mind behind Creative Concepts by Cee and does bags, tshirts, aprons, etc.. She is also our very own newly appointed Senior Editor for the magazine as of Fall 2015.

We have been blessed to have her as part of the writing team for the last 3 years and not only has she created her personal work to the magazine’s content, she has been quite instrumental in soliciting other writers and contributors as well. Cecile Anthony is a Consultant for Lil Miss Diva by Starr, which is a children’s clothing line in New York City.

She is also part of the management of ButterFlyz Entertainment female promotion group. This group of New York Metropolitan residents are not just ButterFlyz, they are also humanitarians holding various charitable events for many different causes ranging from Autism to Breast Cancer.

Cecile Anthony loves the art of dance and danced for many years as well as having the privilege of being accepted by the Alvin Ailey Dance Group as a dancer.

Her heart beats for the arts, whether as a singer, dancer, writer, and/or performer. She has been writing poetry since the age of 14. She recently authored 2 children’s books and hopes to do a motivational quotations book and poetry book in the near future.

When not working her 2 jobs, lending her time to her community-based commitments, volunteer effort and side hustles, she is helping to build Hustle Mama Magazine, lending a helpful hand and/or ear to many family and friends, and all while still trying to juggle her own personal life.

“You have an awesome power pack, Cecile”

As her girlfriend told her, “You have an awesome power pack, because you are definitely today’s superwoman!” Cecile is constantly on the move. She hopes to one day own her own business and is ready, willing and able to take on any task or challenge life brings her way. She is a true HOMETOWN HUSTLE MAMA!

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