Mic Check 1, 2, 1, 2| Tidbits of The Truth

hey god

by Ashley McFarlin Buie

Psalms 23:4 | “Show me the path where I should walk, O Lord; point out the right road for me to follow.”

Oftentimes, when I am moving through this world day today, I talk to God for direction.  “Hey God, should I get this skinny vanilla latte today?”

 “Hey God, how do I respond to this text without coming across like a jerk?”  “Hey God, I am really mad at her, are you sure I am supposed to call her?”

When I talk to God, I EXPECT an answer.  He’s my friend, so I look to him for the wisdom I need to walk in Truth.  There are a lot of times, however, when I’m like “Hey! Is this mic on??”  I feel like He doesn’t hear me when I don’t see a sign or hear His voice regarding my petition to Him.  I get frustrated and usually just move in my own direction instead of waiting for His answer.

As I thought a bit further about this today, I realized that I think the issue is that I actually DO hear an answer, but then I rationalize to myself why that just couldn’t have been God.  I mean if the answer requires me to move somewhere I don’t want to move, or requires me to do something that is seemingly unrelated to what I asked, I ignore it and figure my mind must be playing tricks on me.

But NO!  That’s the Holy Spirit talking to me.  He is answering my cry and showing me the path.  My pastor here in New Jersey once said, “When you are asked to do something that makes you uncomfortable, that’s probably the Holy Spirit speaking.”  He agitates you to get you out of your flesh, and into His Spirit.  If I ask God about my skinny vanilla latte and he’s like, “go back to your car.”  I’m like, “what?”  If I go in obedience, I find back at my car an old Starbucks gift certificate buried in the cushion of the passenger seat.  If I ignore it, I’ll probably waste 5 bucks on a cup of coffee that I could have gotten for free!

In 1 Samuel 15:22-24, the Word says that God wants our obedience, rather than our sacrifice.  It is in obedience that we position ourselves to receive the Favor of God.  In my inquiry about my latte, my mind is more concerned about whether it is right or wrong for me to drink the coffee (I am watching my figure lol), not on how God wants to freely give me the desires of my heart (that he put there I might add…I really enjoy a warm skinny vanilla latte).

My mind is so consumed with whether I should sacrifice this chance to indulge in a delightful cup of coffee, that I am missing my opportunity to experience God’s Grace and have my Faith strengthened by yet another example of how God is there to supply all my needs, like the gift certificate.

Asking God for what we want, specifically, and then moving in obedience enables us to LIVE HIS WORD.  It removes the shackles of rules and regulations and thrusts us into his world of freedom where the Holy Spirit serves as our guide.  We can’t keep “leaning on our own understanding” when it comes to the “path we should walk.”  Only God knows his plan for us.  We are simply to trust that it is a good one and walk in it, in Love.  Put the Favor He has on your life to work!

“Hey God, I am really mad at her, are you sure I am supposed to call her?”  Yes, he says.  “But I don’t even know what to say…AND, I really don’t want to get in an argument.”  “Call her,” he says.  So I call, she picks up, and she is in tears.  She has just lost a loved one, or just gotten terrible news from her doctor, or realized her relationship is in shambles.  My call to her is right on time!  God has sent her a source of encouragement through me.  “Tell her how much I love her,” He says, “remember, it’s not about you.”  “Thank you,” I whisper.  “Thank you,” he proclaims.  “Love you too.”

That’s it.  That’s all it comes down to.  Move when He says to move.  So when He says to do it.  In your obedience, watch the world move to His beat, not yours. Allow His kingdom to come, and His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

His Grace is sufficient and his Mercy and Goodness will follow you ALL the days of your life.

I Love you,