Health Benefits of Unglazed Cookware

Health Benefits of Unglazed Cookware – Everywhere you turn your head these days, all you can hear about is going green, living healthy, eating whole foods, or embracing more healthy eating habits. It’s a trend that has gained a lot of ground and propaganda because it ultimately helps people and steers them in a healthier direction. Eating healthy is a massive part of this new direction, but eating healthy is not just about the type of foods you buy, it’s also about the way you cook them. This includes the type of cookware you use during the process. Lately, pure clay cookware has become very popular because it promotes a healthy cooking process. There are many types of earthen cookware, but the best vessels are those unglazed, and here is why:

1. Unglazed cookware is non-toxic

The glaze is toxic. That’s a fact. Glazing means coating the cookware with paint, and paint is toxic. Many of these products are glazed to make them watertight, while others are flame ware or ceramic clay vessels that contain chemical additives, and that’s why they’re glazed. However, pure clay pots have no glazing, therefore no additives or toxins to leach into your food. Your cooking will be 100% healthy and safe.

2. Unglazed cookware preserves nutrients

Clay cookware acts like a steamer. The difference is that clay pots keep the steam and heat inside, which means all the vitamins and nutrients from the food you cook are preserved. When using regular pots and pans, steam is eliminated and with it most of the vitamins and minerals because they are water-soluble. Pure clay can keep and manage steam inside the pot so that you and your family can enjoy all the nutrients of the food you cook. The design of the vessels and the lid retain the steam inside the pot, condensing it and sending it right back into the diet.

3. Unglazed cookware doesn’t require oil

There is another advantage that comes from the clay’s ability to keep steam inside the pot, except for the preservation of nutrients. It allows you to cook without using oil or fat or any other liquids of the kind. Because food is steamed inside, it cooks in its juices and oils, so you don’t need to add any other liquids to it. You don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt or not cooked, because unglazed clay cookware not only manages steam inside but also helps heat spread out slowly and evenly. Therefore, all seasoning and spices can smoothly go deeper into the food, which means you can use very little of it while achieving great flavor.

Choosing healthy cookware is equally essential as choosing the right ingredients to cook. With unglazed pure clay cookware, this choice is straightforward and truly rewarding.