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Habits That Stifle Creativity and How You Can Stop Them

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For years mankind has lived with the perception or the myth that only highly intelligent and super-smart people happen to be creative. Research on this subject matter has shown that intelligence and creativity are not related at all. 

This means that if you aren’t smarter than most people, you still have the opportunity to be creative at your work and use the power of your mind to deliver creative and innovative results. 

However, there are certain bad habits that we pick up during our professional pursuits, which can limit and kill the creativity within us. These bad habits act as mental blocks limiting a copywriter from delivering the best copy and a design expert from making good design. 

In this article, we mention multiple habits that stifle creativity and limit the potential you have. We also look at ways you can follow to limit these habits and keep growing as an individual. Go through this article and determine the best ways to remain creative and avoid negative habits. 

Creating and Evaluating Simultaneously 

Unless you are super good at multitasking, you cannot create and evaluate concurrently. To think of it from the context of driving, will you be able to reverse and drive in the first gear simultaneously? 

Obviously not! Similarly, if you are creating new ideas, looking ahead, considering possibilities and visualizing solutions, you cannot concurrently be evaluating these ideas as well and sifting them into heaps of good and bad. 

Most people evaluate too soon, even before they are actually done with the creative process as well. Separate your creativity from your evaluation and proceed from here. Come up with lots of actionable ideas first before you can evaluate their worth later on. 

The Expert Syndrome 

There are experts in almost all fields around us today – experts that like to guide us to definite paths of success based on their own methods. When it comes to creativity, every individual has a different approach. You might like what an industry expert has to say, but what works for them might not necessarily work for you. 

Some of the most successful people in the world went on to be successful by doing what others told them wouldn’t work. Work on your ideas and ways because no guru or expert knows them better than you do. 

Fear of Failure 

The fear of failure can limit you from achieving big things in life. Babe Ruth is known as one of the greatest hitters to play baseball, with over 714 home runs – a career record. 

However, Babe Ruth was also a master of getting out by strikes. Babe Ruth always swung hard for a home run. He achieved spectacular results 714 times, but he did get strikes as well. You either succeed big or fail big in the process. Just remember to not let the fear of failure stop you from winning big and doing big things in life. 

Avoiding Ambiguity 

We all want clarity in life, and justifiably so. But, there are times in life when ambiguity works just as well for us. There are things we will never understand and problems that we may never be able to solve. If you achieve positive results from a form of marketing that you didn’t imagine would work, don’t stop and don’t try to understand why it worked. 

Cold calling works for some and doesn’t work for others. If it does work for you and you get results from it, don’t fret over why and how it works for you. Instead, relinquish the outputs and enjoy the success. 

Lack of Self-Confidence 

Every creative move is accompanied by a level of uncertainty and basic questioning. Individuals do wonder if the move will work out or if they will be able to deliver on it. But, besides the logical questioning and appraisal, you should have confidence in your abilities and performance. Confidence allows you to become a master in your craft. 

Lack of confidence, on the contrary, can stifle your creativity and stop you from working on disruptive ideas. Understand that ideas that seem crazy at first can be quite logical and worth working on. 

Falling to Discouragement from Others 

Other people in your life, including friends and family, will discourage you when it comes to trying out creative outcomes. Someone from the workplace might believe the idea is too far-fetched. Someone from your family might say you’re punching above your weight. All these people will, in subtle terms, tell you to hold your horses and not rock the boat. 

In short, you have to go beyond these limitations and be a little naïve. The path to success is paved with success stories of creative people that decided to be a little naïve and not pay heed to what others said to them. 

Overwhelmed by Information 

Oftentimes we find ourselves overwhelmed by information. The associated condition is known as analysis paralysis, where we spend so much time cramming our brain with info that we lose track of the ability to act on that information. 

Information to our brain is the equivalent of food to the body. Just as we overeat, we can also overthink multiple outcomes at one time. Overthinking stifles your creativity and gives you unnecessary fodder for your brain. 

Every successful person knows just when they should stop analyzing and collecting information and start working on it. Learn how to get work done fast, without wasting time on outcomes. 

Great creativity and ideas are born through potential and possibility, not through limits and doubts. Learn to believe in your potential and imagine possibilities to keep being creative.

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