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Let’s Talk – A Letter from The Editor

Letters from the Editor

Let’s Talk – A Letter from The Editor

god's plan


How can someone know what God’s plan is?  They truly can’t.  The only thing that is certain is that your plan is not God’s plan.  Fortunately, the Bible provides many important principles regarding the will of God.  God is not trying to hide His will for our lives; He wants His children to know His will and follow it.

God wants all believers and naysayers to remember three things:

  1. Be joyful;
  2. Pray often;
  3. Give thanks always.

Regardless of circumstances, He wants you to keep those three things with you.  In no way, shape or form am I speaking for God, but I will speak for His blessings.  No day, life, job or relationship will be perfect, but God wants us to be trustful that He will not bring us to it unless He plans on bringing us through it.

In life, it is not for us to judge or to be judged; the only thing expected of us is to live our best life.

Another part of God’s Plan is to be still.  Be still means to sit and reflect on life, love, goals, etc.  Be still and let whatever happens happen and stop being so quick to always fight.  People sometimes don’t understand, you must choose your battles and some battles you must Let Go and Let God.  Remember, the battle is not yours, it’s the Lord.

Most importantly, Prepare.  Prepare yourself for God’s Plan and Blessings.  Not every Sunday must you sit in a pew and attend a church service, because wherever you are, God knows your heart.

Do the right thing by yourself and in return, you can do right by others.  Sometimes we cannot expect others to be like us, but we can also not allow others to change how we are.  God sends packages of blessings out daily, but you must be ready to receive.  If God sends that blessing to you and you are not ready, it will come, and you won’t even know it.  Prepare and live your best life, so when it becomes your time, you can count your blessings and not block them.

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Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Senior Staff Editor

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