God is

I am always

Compelled- even drawn to the paint brush Positioned in God’s hands

At the hues in which God is..chooses

To paint in the early mornings

The sun peeking
through the drapers of the clouds

peeking through yawning, stretching
Blowing it’s heated breath on my morning skin

Slinking in the shadows And aftermath of the trees

How it moves in the sullen outline of the sky To sit and gaze
To be amazed

I smile as the sun -rain down on me The wind blowing caressing my hands Rushing my skin

letting me know that right now In the intimacy of this moment

God is alive

I look into the distance
Watch the snow capped mountains dance in the silhouette of the sunset
Morning rain sweeping against my feet

Warm waters

I take my shoes off and dip into
the waters that he has prepared for me It is at that moment I realize