How To Get Through An Extremely Busy Time?

There are so many ways To Get Through An Extremely Busy Time by So, everyone seems to be wrapped up in the big, busy world that we live in. Seldom do we take the time to do the things that we want to do. Between school, sleep and homework or family and work, when do we have time to work on our goals?

Things To Make Time:

Well, here’s the thing we can choose to make the things we love doing, priorities. And by setting goals which bring joy to our Hearts every time we work on it, why wouldn’t it be a priority? We always seem to look at our goals as a side project something to work on once we’re a little less busy in our everyday.


But here’s the thing, our goals aren’t going to make time for us if we don’t make time for them. If we’re continuously procrastinating from working on them, even by convincing ourselves that we are busy with other stuff, we are never going to achieve our goals.

Why Does It Seem Like Our Goals Aren’t Already A Priority?

For many, it’s because they don’t take their goals seriously in the first place. They look at their goals as ‘wishes’ that won’t ever come true. But they could turn their wishes into realities with a change in their perception.

Another problem which I sometimes face is something like this. I do indeed take my goals seriously; I get too swamped with my everyday life like schoolwork and the Internet that I end up not taking any action on my goals.

The trick is to eventually make working on your goals a habit pattern, part of your everyday lives. Then, we would be able to do the things we love without having to worry about finding ‘extra’ time to do it.

How Do We Make This A Habit Pattern?

Start slowly. I know, I know, I always seem to use the same answer, but it’s true! All you need to do is start working on your goals, bit by bit at first. For example, what I do is I find small spaces of time when I’m free to think up of article topics or ideas. Sometimes, I even pull out my phone and Google something that has to do with my goals, to keep my Mind focused on my stuff.

I do this during the oddest of times, like a couple of minutes on the ride home, a few minutes in between talking to my friends during a break at school, when I’m waiting for my food at a restaurant. It’s the combined time that I spend working on my goals that start building up the momentum of my work.

The more I work on the little things, the more I find myself eager to get home and expand on the things I’ve worked on previously. Try doing it yourself! You could start by doodling on loose paper at first if you want to be an artist or try to figure out the chords in the song playing at the background of your head if you aspire to be a musician.

There are a million ways to work on the things you love without making them seem too time-consuming. Enjoy finding ways to find out how to maximize the little moments in your day!