Getting A Grip On The Right Things, Releasing Your Hold On Others


It is astounding to me the numbers of people who are living aimlessly in the lives they have created and manifested for themselves.

Every law of this universe and even many religious principles are conditional and mathematical… IF THIS – THEN THAT… If you DO THIS, then you will GET THAT… it’s all about sowing and reaping, farming, karma, dharma, whatever you choose to call it.

This is a universe and, subsequently a life of cause and affect. Maybe that is why the GOLDEN RULE is called and considered GOLDEN in the first place: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Notice it does not say as you would want to have them as if treat people according to your desire of how you would want them to treat you, but how you would HAVE them treat you, meaning that there is a definitiveness to the action if you will.

I believe that man’s issues have many layers. First and foremost, he fails to recognize and identify what accurate measure is, and as a result, what real POWER it takes to GAIN that ultimate measure.

Instead, he becomes a creature of habits, whose very value system, morals, ideals, and ethics have been taught by pre-conditioned well-meaning family, friends, and colleagues or a third party with no vested interest in anyone else’s success other than their own (advertisers, corporations, society at large, etc..)…

At the end of the day, the common denominator is the AGENDA. Man becomes AGENDA DRIVEN because he has been nurtured to be.

Until the time comes when a human being reconciles with himself the GOD of the Universe and the GOD within him, he never faces the reality that he is where he is because he fails to ACKNOWLEDGE.

Acknowledge his shortcomings, acknowledge the greatness of the Creator, acknowledge his invisible presence in the vast scheme of this solar system.

In either event, once those things are realized, the real laws of energy, vibrations, that which is good, that which opposes right, light, love, darkness, and characteristics of lower vibration become a part of his consciousness.

Once the real knowledge, the SOUL of man is AWAKENED, there is a realization that the POWER of the SOURCE of all things has dwelt within him all long and among him through other human beings.

Once he begins to understand that the 1st crops of sowing and reaping are yielded from his seeds of thoughts and speech (because as a man thinketh so is he), he understands that not only has his ground (mindset & reality) been compromised and not ‘good’ ground as it should be but that what he’s planting are not seeds that would yield a harvest of abundance but more of temporary gratification, short term materialism, etc.

Once a man realizes that his tight grip and holding dear of the wrong things is the cause for him having a shortfall of the measure his soul desires, he will come to the knowledge that once those things are released, and he is free enough to grasp and hold on tight to the RIGHT THINGS… the harvest will come.

What are the RIGHT THINGS? Well, only you could determine that because I don’t know what it is you are trying to grow in your life, what foods you enjoy being fed, or what you want your yield to look like.

For me, my grip is simple. On the one hand, I hold on tightly to everything the GOD I serve has taught me through PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP & EXPERIENCE, and on the other hand, I hold on to the SEEDS: GIFTS, TALENTS & CALLINGS He has entrusted me to plant, and I go to work!

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