gambling situation

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 20, 2020, at 11:00 pm

In any gambling situation, you have to be willing to lose what you have so that you can get more than what you are working with.

Life doesn’t seem to be any different from that. Some of what goes on in our lives can be comparable to a gambling situation where people hedge bets based on their skill set, the skill set of those they are playing with, playing against and just plain lady luck.

No matter the root, or the ROUTE for that matter, the desire is constant…to have more.

Now let’s apply that principle to matters of the heart. What is it that we must be willing to give up within ourselves to have more love in our lives?

What inhibitors, if any, exist to completely contradict the outpouring or overpouring of love into us, through us, from us, and to us?

Are there some parts of who we are which we should try our best to lose so that the love thirsted for can arrive?

We all know that life is full of risks and that if you have no guts, why should you ever expect to see the glory; However, if clearing clutter and the cleaning out makes room for more, than I would say that the entire life process, life lessons, relationships between all persons at any given time are about a clearing out and a re-filling… a loss and again… a present and a take… an un-learning and a re-learning, a cause, and effect of continuous causes and effects.

I am a different woman these days, and I am not exactly sure what to attribute this heightened state of awareness of certain things.

I’ve always been a philosopher of sorts from a very young child. I’ve ever seen the world through rose-colored glasses for as long as I can remember. Nevertheless, this time in my life, these past few months, have greeted me with a sensitivity to the vibrations of living things and living beings as never before.

I believe that I am closer to arriving at some pre-destinated location that this soul of mine has been searching for for a very long time. I don’t know exactly what’s going on with me… maybe it’s all of the transitions happening in my life at one time, I’m not too sure.

What I am sure of is the desire for my mastering the sowing and reaping process, my quenched thirst for wisdom, and my unyielding energy to pursue the alignment with God that I felt when I woke up from my death bed.

What I am not sure of is how long it will take me to get there, and what else has to be lost along the way. Either way, I’m committed to this journey, and as with any contractual obligation, I plan to honor the terms.

I lose more things, and people and places along the way are parts of those terms, then drop them I shall. For, in the end, contentment with Godliness is the (greatest) gain I could ever imagine.

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