by Stefany J. Jones on Tuesday, July 14, 2009, at 5:25 am

I was reflecting on an experience I had, which is something I often do to remember where I’ve been, the lessons I’ve learned, and the need to share and appreciate where I am. And often, during these lessons, I find the most value when I can accept within my consciousness and soul experience, the application of God’s word to that experience and feel the presence and the meaning of His instruction.

I remember the day I realized the merits of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and what it does to a person and for a person. As we all know, God chastises whom He loves, and we as parents are to chastise our children if we love them. We don’t want them to go through this life experiencing more pain and anguish than is necessary – and who says it is imperative except society (which is a lie). Who’s to say that with prayer, covering, and Godly instruction through the ultimate UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (not ignorant enabling and spoiling) that we cannot achieve this feat?

I say that when you love someone when you genuinely have that agape love for someone that YES YOU CAN. It is possible to re-build and re-start from a painful happening.

When we think of all the things we have done to ourselves and others, when we think of how we experienced childhood and the remnants and havoc we wreaked on our parents during our “growing pains” years, then we understand the measure of unconditional love.

But for those of us who have lived a life of ignorant bliss, who by all accounts and reasons we should not even be here alive and well enough to exist much less be able-bodied and blessed, we know what that unconditional love and ultimate forgiveness our creator had on us and why we are here now.

So when someone has hurt you or wronged you or even done you in, this is what you must remember. They have done those things because they have issues within themselves. It is less about you than you think, and you must not harbor or resent them or take it personally.The sad part is that loving and forgiving them and treating them no differently than before is a gift you give to yourself, and unfortunately, God’s punishment to them.

I’m not sure if you can understand this, but giving love and kindness to someone who has wronged you a little bit or even seriously, is the ultimate ‘haunting’ punishment for them. That is because they are God’s child too, and despite what they know or are aware of, that love of God through you is His way of chastising them. That is why those who are like-spirited will always come full circle to apologize.

So love your enemies, bless them that hate and persecute you, pray for those who want to see you fail and fall. Watch your love carry you through the pain they’ve caused and over the obstacles they’ve placed before you if you want to save your children from unnecessary anguish and pain in life, later on, teach them how to love and forgive early.

That is the ultimate self-esteem builder. If you want to save yourself from unnecessary pain and anguish for your remaining years, accept yourself and others for who they are, and learn that the ultimate unconditional love is forgiveness through suffering!