We both know what this is, don’t we?
No need for silly games and lies.
I cast my net out, and there you were
Baby, whatta big surprise!
Just this night for us
It’s that simple.
One night of passion for two hungry people

So, we do The Dance.
“Are you married?”, “Do you have kids?”
We exchange pictures.
“What kinda work do you do?”
Both in it for the kill
Who cares about the truth?
Small talk moving us closer to the destiny we desire
For One Night Only,
We can take each other higher.
But it’s my last evening here
And I don’t have much time,
Maybe if I did, I’d make you mine.
All there is
Is NOW..
All we’ll ever have is
It’s now or never for us
And we both know it.

You asked me for my kiss so sweetly
“Morena” you call me again and again,
Your soft tongue and sweet lips devour my skin.
I glory in the lovely sensation of having your hands all over me,
Don’t stop! Never quit!
Harder! Faster! DO ME!!!

We taste each other, and can’t seem to get enough,
Maybe I’ve gone overboard.
I try to leave, but you hold me close and say
“The sun hasn’t yet come. Let me love you once more.”

Morena..I am
Boriquen.. You are
We make wishes for things that can never be,
Parting in such sweet sorrow