Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Escaping Mommy Burnout

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Whenever many women reflect on their most significant role in life, it often revolves around becoming a mother.  Women worldwide do their best to maintain their roles as mothers, balance their home and family, excel in their careers, and keep their sense of self.  On the surface, juggling these roles and responsibilities can be daunting.  However, there is hope and as busy women, we can escape mommy burnout.  We can become more fulfilled as women and mothers if we rethink our approach to the roles we fulfill in life.

First, women should stop thinking about being a “Super Mom” – being all things to everybody.  When they do, it reinforces the idea that there are unrealistic standards and impossible standards for mothers everywhere.  Instead, it is crucial for today’s mothers to carefully consider their needs and schedule time for themselves.

Moms are then better able to carry out the other roles they need to perform in their lives once they have the rest of their purposes in line.  We are far more productive in the other areas of our lives when our personal lives are in balance.

A survey of busy mothers found that 95% of mothers agree that they feel better about themselves and motherhood when they take time out for themselves.  This same survey identified a breed of mothers who have their own way of raising their kids and showing love to their children. 

Whether it takes place by volunteering at school, participating in extracurricular activities and taking a day to do nothing, or having a totally different way of parenting.  This classification of mothers could be called “Signature Moms.”

Listed below are a few ideas mothers can do to escape”Mommy Burnout” and live a more aligned lifestyle based on their personal needs:

Acknowledge No Two Days Are Exactly Alike:  

Remember that when your schedule changes, deadlines change, kids get sick, and your car needing repaired are all normal occurrences.  Life is unpredictable. Understanding this is the first step to releasing all of the pressure you may feel to be a “Super Mom.”

Do Something Every Day That Makes Your Smile:

This can be as simple as wearing your favorite perfume or cozy socks. No matter how big or small it is, what matters is that it brings you happiness and makes you smile.

Take A Time Out and Fully Enjoy Those Small Special Moments:

As busy mothers, we are often always on the go.  One way to ditch that “Super Mom” trap is to stop and enjoy some of the small special moments that we so frequently miss.  Let’s face it; the world will not fall apart if we stop and pay full attention as your preteen tells about what happened today in the cafeteria.

Be Proactive About Your Health And Wellness:

To be there for your kids, family, friends, and career, you need to take care of your physical and mental health.  It is tempting to skip out on doctor’s appointments or eat something unhealthy because you are swamped.  Putting your health and wellness on the back burner can eventually catch up to us if we are not careful.

Making small changes over time can help us remember that being it all and doing it all is not necessary.  Our children, family, and friends love us.  So, it’s time we relieve some of the pressure we put on ourselves and set realistic expectations for ourselves and others.



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