Ways Of Effective Leadership Trends:


As Leadership Trainers, we often spend considerable amounts of time, effort, and resources, devoted to the importance of developing a quality, action plan. Unfortunately, it sometimes appears, that, lost in translation, is how important having the right action plan, might be, and that it is only vital and active, when a leader thoroughly examines all aspects and conditions, facing an organization, and then, considers alternatives, which might bring about the best solution. Among the considerations should be: heritage/ history (how the group got there, it’s victories and defeats, and its purpose/ mission); current challenges/ obstacles; intermediate and longer-term considerations; and the demographics, vision, and needs of the group, both in today’s world and into the future. Let’s review the reasons and reasoning involved, in creating, developing, and implementing the right ACTION plan.

1. Attention; aspects; articulate: Why do different individuals, with a similar skill – set, often approach circumstances differently? Much of this is due to differences in perspective, which impacts how one pays attention and what is his focus. Which aspects become the priorities, and why? It’s never enough to merely, philosophically, create an action plan, but one must be able to articulate his reasons, and what solutions this plan might help bring about!

2. Challenges– create; character; cooperate: There are always challenges and obstacles, but whether someone views them as such, or as problems, often differentiate between solutions and disaster! An action plan must help the group create a mechanism or method, to address needs, concerns, and priorities, both at present, and in the future. Will you be a true leader, with the quality character, to make a real difference? Action plans must be created to attempt to increase cooperation, for the common good!

3. Timely; trends: You first have to identify, and understand the trends, before you can use them, to the benefit of the organization! Create a plan which is timely, directed, and takes advantage of those trends, which are pertinent to your group.

4. Inspiration; ideas; ideology: How can you be true to your thinking, if you are not an inspiration, to those you serve? Share ideas, and lead others, to a viable solution!

5. Options; originality; organized; obstacles: Transform obstacles into challenges, and use your plan, to introduce and develop alternatives, in an organized manner. Use some creativity, because constituents tire of the same – old, same – old!

6. Needs; nuances; a niche: Know the niche and needs of your group, and use a nuanced approach, which will both address needs, concerns and priorities, and do so, in a way others will embrace!

Make your ACTION plan, your own! Be a real leader!